ab origine, abandonment, abate, abbreviation, ability, abo1ish, abolition, accession, accessions, accessory equipment, Accident, Accidental war, Acclamation, Accommodate, Accomodating policy, Accomodation, Accomplishment, Accordance, account, Accountability, Accountable, Accountant, accounting, accounts payable, accredit, accreditation, accretion account, accrual, accruals, accrue, accrued assets, acculturation, accumulated, accumulation, accuracy, accused, achievement, acid-test ratio, acknowledg(e)ment, acme, acquirable, acquire, acquirement, acquisce, acquisition, acquit (of.from), acquittance, acre, acronym, across the board, across-the-board cuts, acrredited, act, acting under dictation, action, active, Activism, Activity, actor, actual, actuals, actuarial, actuary, Acute care, Acyclical, Ad hoc, Ad idem, Ad litem, ad referendum, Ad valorem, Adaptable, Adaptation, Adapted, Adaptive, Adaptiveness, Addback method, Addendum, Addiction, Addition, Additional insured, Address, Addresse, Addressing company, Addressor, Adequacy, Adequate, Adherence, Adherent, Adhocracy, Adjacent, Adjournment, Adjudication, Adjunct account, Adjust, Adjustable, Adjusted, Adjuster, Adjustment, Admass, Administered price, Administrate, Administrated, Administration, administrator, admissibility, admissible, admission, admittance, admonition, adopt, adulterate, advance, advantage, Adventure, Adversarial, Adverse action, Adverse selection, Advertise, advertisement (ad), advertising, advice, advisability, advise, advisor, advocacy, advocate, affair, affiant, affidavit, Affilation, affiliate, Affirmation, Affirmative action, Affordability, after-hours, aftereffect, against medical advise, ageing, Agenda, Agent, Agglomeration, Aggregation, Aggresion, Aggressive portfolio, Agrarian reform, Agressor, Agribusiness, Agricultural ecnomics, Agriculture, Ahead, Aid, Air cargo, Alderman, Alien, Alienate, Alienation, Aliquot, all risks insurance, All-commodity distribution, all-purpose system, Allies, allophian, allotment, allow, allowable depreciation, allowance, alpha, alteration, altered check, Alternative, Amalgamate, Amalgamation, Ambassador, Ambition, Ambulatory, Amending formula, Amendment, Amends, amenity, American Accounting Association (AAA), American Bankers Association (ABA) ამერიკელ ბანკირთა ასოციაცია; დაფუძნდა 1875 წელს. ამჟამად შედგება 35 მუშა ჯგუფის, 4 განყო, American depositary receipts, American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA), American Stock Exchange (Amex), American-style opinion, Americans with dissabilities Act (ADA), Amicable, Ammount, Amnesty, Amortization, Amortize, Amortized loan, Analysis, Analyst, Analytical forecasting, anarchism, anarchy, ancestor, animal spirits, annex


Baby-but, Back office, Back pay, backdating, backer, Background, Backlog, backtracking, Bad loan, Bad-day, badness, Bail, Balance, balance-of-payment deficit, Balanced, Ballast, Ballot, Ban, Bank, Banker’s acceptance, Banking power, Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Bar, Bare, Bargain, Barred market, Barring, Barter, Base, Base/superstructure, Baseline measures, Basic, Basing point pricing, basis, basket, Bastard, Baumol-Tobim model, Bear, Beginning, Behavior, Behavior modeling, Behavioral, Belligerency, Beneficiary, Benefit, Benefits, Benevolence, Benevolent-authoritative leadership style, Best, Beta stocks, Better, Bias, Biased, Bid, Bidder, Bidding, Biheviorism, Bilateral, Bilateralism, bilk, bill, bind, bipolarity, black, blockade, blow-off-top, Blue Cross, Blueprint, Blunder, Board, Bond, Bonus, Book, Bookkeeper, Bookkeeping, Booklet, boom, boon, boost, booster, borrow, borrowing, boss, bottleneck, bottom-up management, bound, boundary, bounty, boycott, bracket, brainpower, brainstorming, brake, branch, brand, branding, breach, breadwinner, break, break-in, breakage, breakdown, breaking even, breakout, breed, breeding, bribe, bribery, bridge, briefing, bright, broad, broadband pay system, broadcast, brockage, broker, budget, Budgetary, Budgeting, Buffer states, Buildup, Bulk, Bull, Bulletin, Bullish, Bumping, Bunch, Bunching, Bundle, bureau, bureaucracy, bureaucrat, bureaucratic politics, burnout, business, businesslike, businessman, bust, buying-in, buyout, by work, byeffect, bylaw, byproduct, byway


Cabal, Cabbalistic, Cabinet, Cadastre, Cadastrel, Cadre, Cafeteria plan, Caliber, Calibration, Call option, Cambist, Cameralism, Campaign, Cancellation, Canvassing, Capability, Capacity, Capital, capitalism, capitalist, capitalization, capitation capitation, career, carrier, carteization, cartel, Cartificate of Authoruty (COA), Carve out, Case, Case-by-case basis, cash, cash-out, cashless, casual, catalog (ue), catastrophic health insurance, category, cater, caterer, caucus, cause, cause-and-isuue advertising, caution, ceiling, censoring, census, center, Centers of Excellence (COE), Central, Central Inteligence Agency (CIA), Centralism, Centralized, Centrilaztion, Certain, certificate, certification, certified, cessation, chain, chairman, challenge, challenges and pressures, challenging, chamber, chance, change, channel, channels, characteristic, charisma, charismatic authority, charity, chart, chauvinism, check, chief, chit, choice, circle, circular, circumvent, cismopolitanization, citizen, citizenship, civic culture, civil, civil-military relations, civilian, civilization, claim, clash, class, classification, clean, clear, clerical, clerk, clinic, closet, clossing ourchase, clue, cluster, Co-insurance, coalition, code, coeffcient, coercion, coexist, coexistance, cognitive, coherent strategy, cohort, coin, Coinage, Cold war, Collapse, Collar, Collateral, Collection, Collective, Collegial improvement, Collision, Combination, Command, Commensurability, Commerce, Commerical, Commission, Commissionaire, Commit, Commitment, Committee, Commodity, Common, Commonwealth, Communicate, Communication, Community, Commuting, Comorbidity, Company, Compensation, Competence, Competency certification, Competent, Competention, Competitive, Competitiveness, Complete and general disarmament, Compliance with laws, comprehencive, compromise, concentration, concept, concern, concession, concise, conclude, concur, concurent authority, concurent review, condemnation, condition, conditional transfers, conditioning, conducive system, conduct, confederacy, confederal system, confederation, conference, confidence, Confidential, confirm, conflict, conformance, conformism, conformity, confrontation, congress, connection, consensual, consensus, consent, consequency, conservation, conservationist, conservative, consideration, consign, consistency, consolidaton, consortium, constant, constituency, constituent, constitution, constitutional democracy, Constraint, Construction


Damage, Damageable, Data, Database, Date, Datrend, Day order, daywork, deadbeat, deadline, Deadlock, Deal, Debt, Debt/equity ratio, Debtee, Debtor, debureaucratization, decentralization, decentralize authorities, decentralized, decile rank, decision, declaration, declaration of Independence, decline, deconfliction strategy, decree, deductible, Deed, Defer, Deffered, Deficiency, Deficient, Deficit, Defined, Deflation, deflationary gap, deflator (GNP deflator), degfression, degree, delegated, delegation, delivery of services, delphi technique, demand, demerge, democrat, democratic, democratize, demoeconomy, demographic, demonstration, demotion, denationaization, denial, denominate, denounce, density, denuclearization, denunciation, deordination, deparmental, department, departmentalization, departmentation, dependence, dependency, depeople, deplation, depreciate, depreciated cost, depreciation, depressed area, depression, depression of the 1930s, deprofessionalization, deputy, deregulation, derivative security, description, design, Designated Planning Agency (DPA), desinflation, Desk, Determinant, Devaluation, Develop, Developed countries, Developing coutries, Development, Deviation, Device, Devisee, Diachronic research, Diagnosis related groups (DRG), Diagonal communication, Diagram, Dictatorship, Differ, Difference, Difficulty, Diffuse, Diffusion, dilapidate, dilemma, dimension, diminishing, dip, diploma, direct, direction, directive, director, directorship, dirigisme, disability, disadvantages outline, disallow, disarmament negotiation, disaster relief, disatvantige, discharge, discipline, disclosure, discount, discounted rate of return, discounting, discredit, discrimination, diseconomy, dismiss, dismissal, disparity, dispatching, displaced person, displacement, disposable income, disproduct, disqualification, dissatiasfaction, dissaving, dissementation, dissolution, distress for rent, distribution, distributor, district, distrust, disturbance, disuse, disutility, divergence, diverse groups, diversification, divestiture, dividend, Division, Divisionalization, Divorce, Doctor (Dr), Dole, Domestic, Dominated asset, Donate, Donation, Donor, Dotation, Downgrade, Downswing, Downtime, Downturn, Draft, Drain, Drawback, Drift, Drive, Dual, Dual- career, Duality, Due, Durability, Duration, Duty, Dweller, Dwelling, Détente


Eager, Early and Periodic Screenin, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), Earn, Earner, Earning yield, Earnings, Ease, Echelon, Ecological approach to administrative theory, Econometrics, Economic, Economic (al), Economics, Economize, Economizing, Economy, Effect, Effective, effectiveness, effectless, effectual, efficiency, efficient, effluent, effort, egalitarian, egalitarianism, elaboration, elastic, elasticity, elective surgery, electoral system, electorate, electronic media, element, elevation, eligibility, eligible, eliminate, elimination, embargo, embezzlement, embodiment, emergency, emerging principles, emigration, emission, emolument, empirical, employ, Employee, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Employer, employment, emporium, empower, empowerment, encourage, enforce, enforcement, engagement, engineering, enrollment, enterpreneur, enterpreneurism, enterprise, entitle, entitlement, environment, environmental, environmentalism, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Equifinality, Equilibrum, Equity, Equivocality, Equivocation, Ergonomy, Escalation, Essentials, Establish, Established, Establishment, Estate, esteem, estimate, estimation, ethical evaluation, ethics, ethnocentrism, ethod, Euro-Sterling, eurobond, eurocard, eurocheque, eurocurrency, eurodollars, Euromaket (Euromart), Euroopian Council, European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), European Commission, European Community (E.C.), European Currency futures and options, European Currency Unit (ECU), European Economic Community (EEC), European Free Trade Association, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Monetary System (EMS), Europian-style option, Evade, Evaluation, Evasion, Event, Eviction, Evidence, Ex ante real interest rate, Ex post real interest, Ex-ante quantities, Ex-dividend date, Exact, Examination, Examine, Examiner, Exceed, Exception principle, Excess, Excessive, Exchange, Exchange-rate union, Excise taxes, Exclusions, Exclusive Providers Organization (EPO), Exclusivity clause, Execute, Exempt, Exemption, Exercise, exigency, exit-interview, exodus, expatriate, expatriation, expectation, expense ratio, experience, expert, expertise, expiration, explanation benefits, Exploit, Export, Exportable, exportation, exporter, exports, extension, external debt, externality, extinguish, extortion, extra, extraodinary, extremism, extrinsic rewards


Fabric, Fabrication, Facility, Fact, Factor, FACULTY, Fail, Failure, Fair, Fallacy, Fallout, Family, Farm, Farmer, Fault, Favo(u)rable, Favo(ur)itism, Favor, Feasibility, Feasible, Feature, feckless, fecund, federal, federally qualified, feduciary, fee, Fee-for-service, Feedback, Fertility, Field, Fifth column, Figure, File, Filiation, Finalize, Finance, Financial, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Financier, Financing, Fine, Firm, First dollar coverage, First line manager, Fiscal, FISHER EFFECT, Fit (ting), Fixed, Fixity, Flat money, Flat organizational structure, Flaw, Flex time, Flexibility, Flexible, Flexitine, Float, Floating, Flourish, Flow, Fluctation, Focus on work, Follow-up, Food aid, Force, Forecast, Forecasting, Foreign, Foreigner, Foreman, Foremanship, Foresight, Forestall, Forfeit, Forge, Form, Formal, Formation, Formative evaluation, Formulary, Formulation, Fouling, Found, Foundation, Founder, Fraction, Fractional currency, Fractional-reserve banking, Fragmented (fractional) bargainig, Frame, Framework, Franchise, Franchisee, Franchiser, Fraud, Free, freection, freedom, freestanding emergency medical center, freeze, fringe, full-time job, function, functional responsibility, functionally based organizational structures, fund, Funds from operations (FFO) ), furnish, furnishings, fuse, fustion, Futures contract, Futurity


Gadget, Gadgeteering, Gaffe, Gage, Gai-ge, Gain, gainful, gainings, gainless, gainsharing approach, gamble, game, gang, gange, gap, garbage, garbology, garner, gate, gear, genealogy, General Assembly of the United Nations, Generate, Generation, Genocide, Genuine, Geopolitics, Gerontocracy, Gift, Gift-edged, Give-and-take, Glam, Global, Globalism, Go, Goal, Gold, Good, goodness, goods, goodwill, governing, governmental, governor, grace period, grade, grading, graduate student, graduation, grant, grantee, granter (grantor), grapevine, grease, great depression, green parties, gri, grievance procedures, ground, groundwork, group, grouping, groupthink, grow, growth, guarantee, guaranteed renewable, guardian, guerilla war, guess, guidance, guide, guidelines, guit, gumption


habilitation, habit, habitable, habitation, hack, hacker, half-pay, half-time, halo effect, halve, hand, handbook, handle, handling, hard, harden, harmonization, hawk, hawthorne effect, hazard, hazardous, head, headquarters, heads-up, headway, health, hearings, heavy, hedge, hedging, help, heritage, heterogenity, heuristic, hierarchical structure, hierarchy, high, high-performance, highly-skilled personnel, hire, hirer, hiring-out, hoard, hoarding, hold, holder, hollow work force, home, homogeneity, Hono(u)r, Horizon, horizontal, horns effect, hospitable, hospital preauthorization, host, hour, house, household, housekeeping, housing, hubristic, human capital, humanistic approach, humming, hunger, hurt, hush money, hydel, hyerarchy, hygiene factors, hyper, hyper-reality, hyper-space, hyperdrive, hyperinflation, hypothesis, hypothesize, hypothetic (al), hysteresis


identical, identification, identify, identity, idle, idleness, illegal, illegitimate, illicit, image, imbalance, Immigrant, Immigration, Immunity, Impact, Impatience, Impeachment, Impede, Imperfection, Impetus, Implement, Implementation, Implication, Implicit, import, important, impose, imposition, improve, improvement, imputation, imputed, in-service training, In-the-money, inaccuracy, inactive, inadequacy, inapt, incapacity, incentive, inceremental, incidence, incident, income, incompatible, incorporate, incorporated, incorporation, incorporators, increase, increment, incur, indemnity, independence, independent practice association, Independent Practitioner Organization (IPO), Index, Indicate, Indicated dividend, indication, Indirect, Individual, Individually based, Individuals constrained by their roles, Inducement, Induction, Industrial, Industry, ineffiency, ineqauality, Inestigation, infallable, infant morbidity rate, Inferencing, inferior, infinite, inflation, inflationary, inflator, inflexible, inflow, influence, informant, information, infrastructure, infringement, inherent, Inisible, initiative, injecton, injury, inland, innovate, innovation, innovative approach, innovator, inoperative, inorb, input, inquiry, ins, inspection, installation, instant, institute, institution, institutional, instruction, Insudtralization, insufficient, insulation, insurability, insurance, insure, insured, insurer, integrated, integration, intelectual, inteligent, intelligence, intendant, intense, intensification, intensity, interact, interagency, interbank, intercession, interchangable, interchange, interchangeability, intercompany, interconnection, intercourse, interdepartmental, interdependence, interest, interface, intergovernmental expenditures, intermediate, intermediation, internal, internalization, international, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Interpersonal, Interprenetration, Interrupt, Interruption, Intership, Interstate, Intertemporal budget constraint, Interval, Intervene, Intervention, Interventionist, Interview, Intervieweing techiques, Intrinsic, Introduction, Intruder, Intrusion, Invalid, Invalidity, Invariable, Invent, Inventory, Inverse, Invest, Invested capital, Investment, Investor, Invisible hand, Involvement, Irregular, issue, item, itemize, itinerary


Jam, jar, job, jobholder, jobless, join, joint, joint-stock company, judge, judgment, judicial, judicious manner, jumbo, jump, juncture, junta, jurisdiction, just, justice, justify, justly, juxtapose


Kantian, Keep, Keeping, Keunesianism, Key, Keynesian economics, Keynote, Kickback, Kind, Kinship, knit, know-how, knowledge


Label, label(l)ing, Labo (u)r, Labor (labour), Laborer, Lack, Laissez-faire, Land, Landholder, Landlord, Language, Lapse, Large, Large open economy, Latency, Launch, Lavish, Law, law-intensity warfare, Lawsuit, lay-off, Laying off, Layoff, Layout, Lead, leader, leadership, leakage, lease, leasehold, leasing, leave, ledger, legacy, legal, legalization, legislation, legislative, legitimate, lend, lend-lease, lender, length, Lessee, Letter, level, levelling, lever, leverage, levy, liability, liable, liberalization, license, licensee, licensor, life, lifestyle, limit, limitable, limitation, limited, limitless, limpid, Lindahl approach, Line, Linguistic dominance, Linking process, Liquid, Liquidated damages, liquidation, liquidator, liquidity, list, litigation, loan, loanable funds, lobbying, local federalization, locus of control, lodge, log-rolling, logos, long, Long-range, Long-term plans, Looking, Loose, Lore, losed panel, Loss leader, Lossely integrated autonomous structure, Low, Low-down, Lurch


Machiavellian diplomacy, Machiavellian manager, machine, machinery, macroeconometric model, macroeconomics, macromarketing, madison’s dilemma, Madrid Convention, Magnate, Magnitude of electoral district, Maintain, Maintenance, Major, Majoritarian, make, maladjustment, maladministration, male-dominated organizational culture, malfunction, man, man-day, manage, managed, management, manager, managerial, mandarins, mandate, mandated, mandatory, manipulate, manipulation, manpower, manual, Maoism, Map out a strategy, Margin, Marginal, marginalism, markdown, market, market oriented production, marketable, marketing, marketingmanship, marketplace, martial law, Maslow’s hierarchy needs, Mass media, Mass production, Massive retaliation, Master policy (master contract), Matter, Mature, Maturity-immaturity theory, Maximalization, Maximize, Means, Measure, Measures short of war, Mechanics of current system, Mechanist school, Mediation, Medical, Medically necessary, Medicare (title XVIII), Medicart (Title XIX), Medium (plural, media), Megapolis, Melting pot, Member, Membership, Memorandum, Menu cost, Mercantilism, Merge, Merger, merit, merit-based public service, meritocracy, mess, metaphor, method, methodological individualism, methodology, metropolis, microeconomics, microtheory, middle management, midlevel manager, migration, milestone, militarism, militaristic state, military, minimum, minister, ministerial responsibility, ministerial strategic memorandum, minority, mint, misconduct, misery, mission, mission-directed results, misstep, mistake, misuse, mobile, mobility of strategic resources, mobility rate, mobilization, mode, model, Modeling, Moderate, Modern, Modernization, Modest, Modus, Monarch, Monarchism, Monarchy, Monetarism, monetarism/monetarist school, monetary, monetizing, money, monies, monism, monitor, monitoring, monogamy, monometalism, monopolization, Monopolize, Monopoly, Monopsony, Monotony, Moral, Moratorium, Morbidity, Mortality, Mortgage, Motivation, Motivators, Motive, Movement, Moving average, Multi-lateral aid, Multifunctional, Multifunctional work team, Multilateralism, Multilevel, Multinational, Multiplicity, Multipolarity, Multispeciality group, Multitiered structure, Multy-party system, mundell-Tobin effect, municipal, municipality, mutatis mutandis, mutual, mutuality, mystify


Narrowly focused, Nation, Nation-state, National, Nationalism, Nationality, Nationalization, Nationalize, Native, Natural, Naturalization, Nature, Necessity, Need, Negligible, Negotiate, Negotiation, Negotiator, Neoclassical, Neocolonialism, Nepotism, Net, Networked organizations, Neutral tax, Neutralism, Neutrality, New nationalism, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Newly industrialized countries (NICs), Newsletter, No load mutual fund, Noblesse oblige, Noise, Nomenklatura, Nomethetic research, Nominal, Non- competitive party system, Non-agression pact, Non-aligned movement, Non-compliance, Non-confidence motion, Non-decision in public policy, Non-governmental institution (NGI), Non-governmental organization (NGO), Non-party system, Non-profit organization, Non-proliferation treaty, Non-state actor, Non-zero relation, Nonacceptance, Nonalignment, Nonapplicability, Nonattendance, Noncombatants, Noncompetitive, Noncyclic, Nonessentials, Nonlabor, Nonproductive, Norm, Normal, Normalization, Normative, North-south, Nota bene, Note, Notice, Notify, Notion, nstability, Nuclear, Nuclear-security dilemma, Null, Nullification, Number, Nuptiality


Obedience, Obey, Objective, obligation, oblige, obliger, observation, observer effect, obsolescence, obsolete, obstacle, obtain, obtainable, occams’ razor, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupational standard, occupational standards, occurrence, odd, offer, offgrade, office, officer, official, okun’s Law, oligopoly, oligopsony, olilgarchy, ombudsman, one shot case study, one-group pre-post design, open, operate, operation, operative, operose, opinion, opponent, Opportunity, Oppostition, Optimal, Optimization, Option, Optional, Optium level of accountability, Order, Organic, Organization, Organizational, Organizations’ philosophy, Organized terrorism, Organizing, Origin, Original intention, Orthogonal relationship, Other, Out of order, Outbalance, Outcome, Outfit, Outflow, Outgoings, Outlaw, Outlay, Outlet, Outline, Outlook, Outnumber, Outpatient, Output, Outrage, Outside, Outsider, Outsiders, Outstanding, Outvote, Outwardness, Outweigh, Outword, Overbought/oversold indicator, Overdue, Overestimation, Overheads, Overlapping, Overmployment, Overtime, Own, Owner, Ownershop


Pace, Pacification, Pacifism, Pact, Pacta sunt servenda, Pad, Page, Paid claims, Pan –American, Panel, Panelist, Par, Paradigm, Paragraph, Parallel financing, Paralogism, Parameter, Paramilitary, Pardon, Pareto optimality, Parity, Parliament, Parliamentarism, Parliamentary, Part, Partial, Participant, Participate, Participating provider, Participation, Participative, Participatory, Particular, Particularism, Partner, Partnership, Party, passport, Password, Patent, Patentability, Paternalism, Path, Patron, Patronage, Pattern, Pawn, Pawnbroker, Pay, Payable, Payment, Payoff, payout, Payroll, Peace, Peaceful, Pecuniary, Pedigree, Peer input, Peer review, Penalty, Penetration, Pension, Pentagon, Per annum, Per capita, Per diem, Per se, Perceive, Percent, Percentage, Perfect, Perfection, Perfectionism, Perform, Performance, Perfrormability, Perilous, Periodical, Periodicity, Periphery, Perjury, Perks, Permanent, Permeability, Permission, Permit, Perpetration, Perpetuity, Person, Personal, Personalia, Personalism, Personalismo, Personality, Personnel, Perspective, Persuasion, Perversion, Peter principle, Petite bourgeoisie, Petition, Phantom, Phase, Phasing, Phenomenology, Phenomenon/phenomena, Phillips curve, Philosophy, Phone switchin, Phonocentric, Physiological needs, Piece, Piecemeal evolution, Pigou effect, Pilot, Pirating, Pivot, Place, Placement, Placing, Plagiarism, Plagiarist, Plagiarizer, Plaintiff, Plan, Planned, Planners, Planning, Planning-programming budgeting, Planning-programming budgeting systems (PPBS), Plant, Plateauing, Play, Plebiscite, Pledg, Pledgee, Pledging, Plenary 1, Plenipotentiary, Plenum, Plethora, Plot, Plural, Plural-member district, Pluralism, Pluralist, Plurality, Plutocraty, Pocket, point, Point of Service Plan (OPS), Polarity, Polemicist, Police, Policies, Policy, Policyholder, Polis, Political, Political business cycle, Politician, Politics, Politization, Polity, Poll, Pollute, Polluter, Pollution, Polyarchy, Polycentrism, Polygamy, Pool, Pooling sorces of variance, Popular sovereignity, Populated, Population, Populism, Portfolio, Portion, POSDCORB (Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Coordinating Reporting Budgeting), pose, position, positive guidance, positivism, Possession, possessiveness, possessor, post., Postdictive validity, Poster, Posting, Postpone, Posturing, Potency, Potential, Pouch, Pound, Power, Powerful


Qualification 1. ; 2. ; 3. ; 4. ;, Qualified, qualitative, Quality, quality, quantify, quantitative, quantity, quantum, quarter, quarterly, Quasi, Quest, Question, Questionnaire, Queue, Queuing theory, Quick ratio, Quo warranto, writ of, Quorum, Quota, Quotable, Quotation, Quote sheet, Quoted price


x axis X, Xenophobia


Y axis, Yea-saying, Year, Yield


Zero-base-budgeting, Zero-sum relations

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