S. Gogilava.  Electoral System and Processes in Georgia

R. Mamporia.  Terrorism in North Caucasus and Georgia


M. Lobzhanidze.  Socialization end Genderal Disbalans


M. Kavtarashvili.  Myth and Reality of Image – Philosophy of Game or Game in a Reality

M. Kavtarashvili.  Philosophy of War and Peace in Conditions of a Mass Communication

T. Orkodashvili.  The Art as a Symbolic Form in the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms by E. Cassirer


N. Tsatsua.  The Police and Publicity

M. Matiashvili.  Division of Power and the Parliamentary Control

M. Askerova.  Some Questions on the Application of the Notion "Relative" as one of the Guarantees of the Impartiality Practice of Law Implementation

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

M. Gasviani.   Foundation of Russian Diplomatic Representatives in the Near East ("Consulate of Jerusalem" and Russian Holly Mission in Jerusalem in the First Half of the 19th Century)

G. Khundadze.  P. Zavileiski in Georgia

A. Chachkhiani.  Tactical Aspects of Sadakhlo Battle in the Armenian-Georgian War

M. Nebieridze-Vachnadze.  The Last Bodbeli – Ioane Maqashvili during the Rusificatory Regime in Georgia (1795-1837)

M. Gugutishvili, I. Chkhartishvili, M. Khutsishvili.  From the History of Propagation of Christianity in the Caucasus – Theological Commission of Ossetia

S. Khoperia.  Russian Model of Social Idea in the Mentality of Bolshevik Party (so Called Stalin Plan of Socialization)

E. Kopaliani, Z. Sulaberidze.  The list of Georgian Churches and Monasteries by P. Butkov

G. Gasanov.  Towards the Understanding Apparatus of the "Philosophy of History" and the Problem of "The end of History"


A. Mgaloblishvili.  Modern Greek Painting (19th-20th cc.)

D. Gujabidze.  "Khanuma" – the Immortal Image of the Tbilisi or the Portrait of the Theatre in "Basement" Interior

N. Jvania.  The Fate of a Piece of Music. K. Stockhausen, "Lucifer's Dream, or "Piano Piece XIII"

K. Tsereteli.  Breast Gross from the Convent of the Virgin in Village Ulumba

N. Burduli.  Planning Schemes of Triple-Chapel Basilica Pastoforiums in Georgia and in Armenia

N. Merebashvili.  Impressionism and His Peculiarity of Development in Georgian Painting

S. Chitorelidze.  Kuznetsovs' Patrimony Firms' Porcelains

K. Sakhvadze.  S. Virsaladze and Georgian National Ballet

K. Zhorzholiani, I. Akhvlediani.  Beads in Everiday Life of the 17th-19th Centuries Georgia

L. Chkheidze.  Reflections of the Rules of Symmetry in Georgian Folk Choreography


R. Ramishvili.  The Persian Loan-Words

N. Buksianidze.  The Verb Marks in an Infinitive Nominalization, Factitive and Infinitive Transformation

I. Lobzhanidze.  Towards the Method of Computer Analysis of the Experimental Phonetics

M. Chachibaia.  Martyrius-Sahdona and His Work "Liber Perfection" (7th century)

K. Sokhadze.  From Protohittite Structure to the Shumerian Borrowings

S. Berikashvili.  The Principles of the Classification of the Declination System in the Modern Grammatics of Ancient Greek

M. Kintsurashvili.  The Typology of Intertext

T. Kiguradze.  Code-switching in Georgian Discourse

K. Nikoladze.  The Role of Diminution Suffixes at the Produktion of Occasional Derivate

I. Kruashvili.  Nonce Words in German Language

T. Jojua.  Comparative Analysis of English and Georgian Tense-Aspect Forms


I. Modebadze, T. Tsitsishvili.  Specifics and Problems of the Editing of Kartvelological Literary Study Database

T. Megrelishvili.  Personality and Its Incarnation in Literary Memoirs of Russian Abroad (N. Berberova "My Italics", I. Odoyevtseva "On Banks of Sena")

M. Iantbelidze.  For Relations between Vazha-Pshawela's Literary Activities, Exactly, "Snake Eater" and Fridrikh Nitsshe's "So Would Say Zaratustra"

N. Mrevlishvili.  Basic Terms for Time Category Expression in Gelatic Translations of Ecleciastus Elucidation

O. Oniani.  Mythical Legend "Jamakhersa" (Analysis)

Z. Tskhadaia.  The Main Trends of the Georgian Poetry of the 1970's

S. Gikoshvili.  Georgi Shatberashvili – the Folklorist

T. Tseradze.  Georgian Placename in Palestine: Tkebnari Monastery

T. Mebuke.  Archetype "Freedom of Choice" (Stating the Archetype)


M. Sirbiladze.  The Age Aspect of Linguistic Aptitude

D. Pipinashvili.  Affects of Implicit Content of Feedback on Intrinsic Motivation

D. Pipinashvili.  Effects of Social Feedback on the Process of Attitude Formation Toward an Unfamiliar Activity

L. Khechuashvili.  Depression Indicators Linked To Male Erectile Dysfunction

A. Karaulashvili, T. Gagoshidze, Sh. Mamukadze, T. Chincharauli.  Epilepsy as a Chronic Disease. The Internal Picture of the Disease

M. Tediashvili.  Reflection of Cultural Values in Advertisements

Library Science

I. Pilauri.  The Legal Foundations of Protections of Library Funds

Information Sciences

M. Kharazishvili.  On Some Questions of Pedagogic Computer Science