V. Gurgenidze.  Formation of Civic Society and Political System

V. Gurgenidze.  Methodological and Utilitarian Aspects of the Theory of the Social-Political System

A. Salmanova.  Towards the Peculiarites of the State Development of Daghestan on the Modern Stage

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

V. Aslanishvili.  Ancient and Present Day Population of the Aragvi River Basin

I. Beltadze.  The Boycott Against the Foreign Merchants (15th-16th Centuries)

G. Vachridze.  Ilia Chavchavadze on Some Issues of Russia's Economic Policy in Georgia

G. Macharashvili.  Non-Recognition of the Popist Oecumenical Councils and Seperation of the Church Union with Rome (by the Juridical Acts of Georgia in the 11th-13th c.c.)

D. Sartania.  Etiquette and the Ethnic Values

T. Gasviani.  Attitude of the United State of America to Georgia on the beginning of the 20th C. and in the 1990-92-ies

S. Maruashvili.  Seven Titles of the Kings of United Georgia


M. Mshvildadze.  Some Questions Concerning Spread of Serapis in the Roman Empire

N. Chikovani.  Towards the Problem of Interrelation of the Western and Non-Western Civilizations (the Turn of the 21st Century)


I. Efendiev.  Towards the Some Aspects of Phonetic Development of the Iranian Loan-Words in the Daghestan Languages

Kh. Glonti.  Towards the Suffixes -en/-nen in Grammatical Literature of the Beginning of the 20 c.

I. Efendiev.  Classification of the Iranian Loanwords in the Lak Language


S. Bakhishova.  Towards the Problems of the Novel of F. Kafka "The Castle"

M. Topuria.  The Problem of National Separatism in K. Gamsakhurdia's Publication


I. Akhobadze.  For More Precise Definition of Essence of Mass Music

B. Gomelauri.  The Standard of Program-Disciplinary Accreditation

S. Narchemashvili.  Political Culture of the Person and its Display at Student's Age

K. Kakhiani.  Formation of Idea of Quantity (for Children Aged 5-6)

M. Darashvili.  Formation of Spatial Orientation Among Pre-School Children by Outdoor Games

K. Dzotsenidze.  The Aspects of the Relationship between Pedagogics and Pedagogical Psychology (by the Views of Shio Chitadze)

M. Chukhua.  The Foundations of Teaching and Educational System of John Locke

L. Tsitsagi.  The Subjective-Playing Games of Preschool Children as a Form of Participation in Activities of Adults

N. Jashiashvili.  The Level of Formal-Logic Thinking in High School (V-IX Forms)

L. Kurtanidze.  Petre Kharistchirashvili and His Work - "Wisdom of Humanity"

N. Kruashvili.  Ivane Gvaramadze: the Georgian Language as the Basis of Education

M. Mikeladze.  The Possibilities of the Improvement of Teaching of the German History in Georgian Secondary School

E. Gelashvili.  Teaching Professional Written English to Georgian Students

N. Potskhverashvili.  Linguistic Features of the Special Text in Training to Foreign Language

L. Todua.  Towards the Psychological Bases of Teaching of Word Formation of Foreign Languages

K. Galoberi.  The Principles and Criteria of Selecting of Phraseological Units on the Humanitarian Faculties of the High School

N. Dogonadze, T. Jojua.  Article Teaching in Efl Departments

Ts. Misheladze.  Methodical Recommendations for Teaching of the Branching Structures in Secondary Schools

M. Tkhelidze.  Methodical Techniques of Teaching of Computer Science in Secondary School Course

N. Nakhutsrishvili.  The Problems with "Incomplete" or "Surplus" Data in the School Mathematics Course

K. Jibladze.  Importance of Basic Knowledge of "Metabolism of Carbonhydrates", Pedagogical Fundamentals of Perception and Strengthening

Z. Miminoshvili.  Age Stages in Religious Education

D. Kakhiani.  Personality Assessment of the Children with ADHD and Maladaptive Behavior


M. Baliashvili.  The Role of Objective Self-Awareness in Compromise Behaviour

D. Kakhiani.  Revealing of Children with Maladaptive Behaviour

D. Kakhiani.  Personality Assessment of the Children with ADHD and Maladaptive Behavior


A. Ataev, M. Ganiev.  The Complex Treatment of Purulent and Infectious Complications of the Bullet Wounds

A. Ataev, P. Tolstikh, A. Miasnikov, G. Chali, M. Ganiev.  The Treatment of Purulent Wound by Lazer Technologies

Z. Nurmagomaeva, M. Nurmagomaev, Z. Magomedova.  Efficiency Adrenomimetica in Bronchial Asthma (Search of Markers)

Z. Alikhanova.  The New Method of Therapy of the Postovariectomy Syndrome

M. Shakarasvili, A. Chanishvili.  Helicobacter Pylori and Duodenum Ulcer Disease

M. Shakarasvili, T. Montselidze, M. Dolidze.  Complex Curing of Duodenum Ulcer and Parodontitis and Periodontoses by Hyperbarical Oxygenation


I. Chantladze.  The Georgian Linguistics in Parisian "Iveria"