I. Tsuladze.  The Influence of Energetical Policy on Georgian Vital Interests Promoted in Caucasus Region

I. Tsuladze.  Eurasia as the World Policy Main Issue


N. Maisuradze.  Philosophical-Political Problems and Economic Principles of Ownership

I. Bulalauri.  Leftist-Radical Conception of Destructivity

B. Mamulashvili.  Abortion and Modern Religious Moral


M. Yerogina, I. Biriukova, V. Maloletnev.  The Age-Related Aspects of Psychomotoric Velocity Characteristics in Divers

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

P. Sheqlashvili.  German Diplomacy and South-Eastern Europe after World War II

M. Bakashvili.  Dev in Family

L. Janiasvili.  On the Problem of Repatriation of the Moslems Deported from South Georgia

V. Shubitidze.  Noe Jordania's Contribution in Rescuing of the Jewish Emigrants

T. Kublashvili.  Adjara in Georgian Mass Media of the First Quarter of the 20th Century

M. Kadagishvili.  Conquest of the North-West Caucasus by Russia

U. Dvalishvili.  The Dancing Elements of Easter


E. Eristavi.  "Besieged" Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

E. Eristavi.  "Amadeus" Directed by Milos Forman

N. Amirejibi.  The Human Being and Society


S. Melikidze.  The Surnames Derived From Ethnic Names


Z. Saria.  Postmodernist Traits in the Poetry of Galaktion Tabidze

V. Bobrovnikov.  Semantics of Violence and Power in the Song about Khochbar


I. Lomadze, N. Putkaradze, G. Chirakadze.  Personal Computer at the Lessons of Chemistry Playing Program, which is the Mean of Improving the Cognitive Interest of Pupils


K. Kopaliani.  Study of Social Perception Regularities within the Youth Sport Collective

M. Eliava.  The Role of Cognitive Factors in the Formation Process of Priority Values of Person

N. Ratiani.  Methods of Experimental Works for Determining Influence of Psychophysiological Factor upon the Work of the Operator

N. Gogichashvili.  Basic Psychological Conceptions of Creativity

Library Science

N. Mchedlishvili.  The Basic Functions of the Modern School Libraries


G. Kipiani.   A New Book