V. Gurgenidze.  Theocratic Сonception of the State Origin and Its Features


E. Elizbarashvili.  Sergei Kornev: Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil


I. Skhirtladze.  The List of Bees of Caucasus (Hymenoptera: Colletidae, Melittidae)

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

M. Mikadze.  Occupation of the South Georgian Territories by Turkey and Measures for Their Liberation Taken by the Government of the Democratic Government

M. Bakashvili.  The Results of Damnation and Benediction in the Caucasus Folklore

M. Javakhishvili.  Montoban Monastery of Georgian Catholics in 19th Century

Z. Tvalchrelidze.  For Archaeological Study of Gareji Monastic Unification

T. Japaridze.  From the History of Occupation of Egypt by England

T. Lebanidze.  The Base of Parliamentary Sistem and First Political Parties in Turkey

I. Beltadze.  Trading Relations of England with the City-Republics of Italy (15th-16th CC.)

T. Bukia.  The Historical Ways of the Import of Antique Products into the Georgia

T. Kublashvili.  Some of the Treaties Concluded in the First Quarter of the 20th Century

Z. Bragvadze.  The Burial of the Late Classical Period from Sairkhe

N. Tsotseria.  The Role of Taboo in Development of Syncretic Art


M. Itonishvili.  Kote Makharadze on Some Aspects of the Actor's skill. Letter One

M. Itonishvili.  Kote Makharadze on Some Aspects of Actor's skill. Letter Two

M. Tabliashvili.  The Role of the Fugue Forms in the Georgian Chamber-Instrumental Ensemble

Ts. Kiladze.  The image of St. Simeon Stylite in the Wall Painting of  "The Church of Ascension" of the Cross in the Shiomghvime Monastery

A. Mgaloblishvili.  Gigo Zaziashvili's Church Painting

T. Sharikadze.  The Fan (after the Materials Conserved in the Collections of the State Museum of Georgia)


K. Sokhadze.  Day of Weak "sabat.oni" (Saturday)

N. Dolidze.  The elements , and in Verb Finite Forms of the Georgian Language

N. Katcharava.  The Corporative Lexic of Turkish Language (the Turkish Phraseological Units Containing the Somatic Lexeme "baş" (Head) as a First Component)

N. Sekhniashvili.  Balta Deрmedik Orman "the Wood, not Touched by an Axe" Type Participle Costructions in Turkish

O. Mikiashvili.  Russisms in the Language of "The Georgievsk Treaty"

A. Shanava.  The Problem of a Method in the Methods of Teaching to Foreign Languages

A. Shanava.  Structure of Nonnative Initial Book


M. Glonti.  For the Choice of the Author of the "Wisdom of Fiction"

O. Oniani.  Dali's Gift

O. Oniani.  The Major Features of the Heroism of Amirani

T. Gogoladze.  Love Theme in the Medieval Georgian Literature

M. Odzeli.  The Process of World Literature and Literary Scholarship

E. Elizbarashvili.  The Idea of Earthly Paradise in "Digenes Akrites"

N. Macharashvili.  "Artistic Revolution"

M. Maisuradze.  The Versification Rules of M. Kvlividze's Poetry

N  Nasqidashvili.  From a History of Literary Criticism of the Magazine "Droeba"

K. Tatishvili.  Antos's Rite Dedicated to Neophite of Urbnisi

A. Asatiani.  Pedagogical Problems According to "The Martyrdom of Abo" by Ioane Sabanisdze


N. Quparadze.  The Conceptual Analysis of Interest

M. Mestvirishvili.  Coping Strategies and Cognitive Dissonance

L. Kurkhuli.  The Forms of Violence and Aggression over Children and Their Preventive Maintenance

L. Ksovrelasvili, M. Tsereteli.  Adolescents' Psychological Well-being and Stress


B. Mamulashvili.  Ethical Problems of Transplantology (Xenotransplantation)

Information Sciences

M. Zakariashvili.  The Usage of Computer Modeling of the Diagrams of Functions in the Decision of Tasks of Natural Sciences