Georgian Parliamentary Library and the International Association of Caucasiologists have founded (Tbilisi, 2000) the International Scientifical Almanach"Caucasian Messenger". The three issues of this almanach has already published.uring the work the field of scientifical relationship of the editorial board was enlarging. As it known, the caucasiological researches have started in Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. This was a first educational and scientific center where the great scientists grew and a briliant scientifical works on caucasiology, history, ethnography etc. was made.

Thus the almanach since its start has a close contacts with the chairs of history, Caucasian languages, folk-lore, literature,Georgian and Russian languages of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

"Caucasian Messenger" also has the contacts with faimous scientific center of Russia – Moscow Linguistic University. The editorial board of almanach thinks that the enlarging of scientifical and cultural contacts is the base of any diplomatical and political relationship. The geography of the articles publishing in the almanach confirms this idea.

By the desigion of leaders of Tbilisi State University and Moscow Linguistic University the "Caucasian Messenger" is starting a renewed life with this fourth issue. So we have a new members in our editorial board. By a new desigion we start to publish an awarded works of students.

The almanach has the representations in Moscow and Mahachkala. The materials of the International Caucasiological Conferences are published there. Topics of almanach are unlimited and include any Caucasiological problems of: philology, philosophy, sociology, law, history, archaeology, ethnography, art, architecture, ecology, medicine, pedagogics, bibliography etc.

The working languages of the almanach are: Georgian, Russian and English (one for articles and other two for summaries).

The almanach is reviewed. The reviews of articles are published in the journals of Russian Academy of Sciences. Series - Economics, Philosophy, State Law, History, Linguistics, Sociology, History of Literature, Medicineetc. (Rewieved journal, Series 1-12, Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Native and Foreign Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Scientifical Information of Social Sciences).

The almanach has an International Code ISSN 1512-0619, that means its spreading in the world library system.

The almanach "Caucasian Messenger" is sent in the next libraries:
USA: Congress Library (Washington), Chicago University Library (Chicago);
France: National Library of France (Paris);
England: Library of Cambridge University (Cambridge), British Library (London);
Finland: National Library of Denmark (Copenhagen);
Brazil: Bolivar National Library of Brazil, Latin-American Parliamentary Library (Brazil);
Egypt: National Library of Egypt (Cairo);
Turkey: National Library of Turkey (Ankara);
Hungary: National Library of Hungary (Budapest);
Russia: Russian National Library, Library of the Institute of Linguistic (Moscow), Library of Daghestanian Scientifical Center (Mahachkala);
Armenia: National Library of Armenia (Yerevan);
Azerbaijan: National Library of Azerbaijan (Baku);
Georgia: Georgian Parliamentary National Library (Tbilisi), Library of Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics (Tbilisi), Library of Iv. Javachishvili Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi), Library of Georgian Academy of Sciences (Tbilisi).;
Portugal: National Library (Lisbon);
Canada: Library of Toronto University (Toronto);
Czech republic: Library of Charlse University (Prague);
Italy: National Library (Rome);
Turkey: Library of Istanbul the Mediterranean Sea University (Istanbul);
Denmark: National Library of Denmark (Copenhagen).