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UID: dlib-0002-000024 

Typological Characteristics of Working Memory in Vascular Dementia

Authors:Inasaridze, Kate
Subjects:ნეირომეცნიერებები; Нейронауки; Neurosciences
DDC Subject:Life sciences, Biology
Table Of Contents:1. The working memory model; 1.1. The phonological loop; 1.2. The visuo-spatial sketchpad; 1.3. The central executive; 1.3.1 The dual-task methodology; 1.4. Neuroanatomical basis of working memory; 2. Vascular Dementia; 2.1. The concept of Vascular Dementia; 2.2. Epidemiology; 2.2.1. Prevalence; 2.2.2. Incidence ; 2.3. Risk Factors; 2.4. Diagnostic criteria; 2.5. Subtypes of vascular dementia; 2.6. Pathological mechanisms; 2.6.1. Volume of brain destruction; 2.6.2. Location of vascular lesions; 2.6.3. Number of cerebral vascular lesions; 2.7. Neuropathology; 2.8. Neuropsychology; 3. Episodic memory; 3.1. Concept of episodic memory; 3.2. Neuroanatomy of episodic memory; 3.3. Episodic memory in normal aging and dementia; 4. Working Memory Span; 5. Computerised version of the dual-task in AD patients; 5.1. Effect of normal aging on dual-task performance; 6. Paper and pencil version of the dual-task in AD patients; 6.1. Combined dual-task mu score; 7. Standing of research problem; 8. Objectives of the study; 9. Tasks of the study;
Date of Issue:2006
Source:Typological Characteristics of Working Memory in Vascular Dementia: Thesis submitted for the degree of Candidate of Biologica Sciences / K. Inasaridze; I. Beritashvili Institute of Phesiology. —Tbilisi, 2007. —173 p. UDC: 612.8 + 616.8
Extent Format:173 გვ.


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