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UID: dlib-0002-000039 


Authors:Erguven, Cabir
Subjects:სოფლის მეურნეობა; Сельское хозяйство; Agriculture
DDC Subject:Agriculture & related technologies
Table Of Contents:General Characterization of the Work; Analysis of Literature Sources; 1.1 Types of Robots; 1.1.1 Robots in Agriculture; Fruit Picking Robot; Tomato and Cherry Tomato Harvesting Robot; Strawberry Harvesting Robots; Cucumber Harvesting Robot; Multi-Operation Robot for Grapevine; Chrysanthemum Cutting Sticking Robot; 1.1.2 Stock Raising; Sheep Sheering Robot; 1.1.3 Robots for the Food Industry; .The Intelligent Integrated Belt Manipulator; Food Cutting Systems; Vision-Based Object Handling; 1.2 Survey of Robot Manipulators Movement Control Methods; 1.3 Differential Equations of Motion; 1.4 Terminal Control Problems; 1.5 Goals and Objectives of the Research Work; 2. The Spinor Model of Spatial Rotation Kinematics; 2.1 Spinor Representation of Generalized Three-Dimensional Rotations 33; 2.2 Calculation of Euler Angles; 2.3. Kinematics Expressions for Euler Angles; 3. Problems of Terminal State Control for Controlled Objects; 3.1. General; 3.2. Reduction Problem; 3.2.1 Controlling Function Synthesis; 3.2.2 Analysis of the Control Process Dynamics in the Reduction Problem; 3.3 The Acceleration Problem; 3.3.1 Controlling Function Synthesis; 3.3.2 Analysis of the Control Process Dynamics in the Acceleration Problem; 3.4 The Approach Problem; 3.4.1 Controlling Function Synthesis; 3.4.2 Analysis of the Control Process Dynamics in the Approach Problem; 3.5 The Approach Problem with an Additional Condition Imposed on the Terminal Accelerations; Control of Terminal States of Spatial Rotations of Robot-Manipulators; 4.1 Control in the Initial Rotation Stage; 4.2 Control in the Uniform Rotation Stage; 4.3 Deceleration; 4.4 Development of an Optimal Control of the Electric Drive of Spatial Rotations of Manipulators; Conclusion; References.
Date of Issue:2006
Source:“ALGORITHMS OF TERMINAL CONTROL OF SPATIAL MOVEMENTS OFAGRICULTURAL ROBOTS”/ G.Erguven: Dis...Candidate of Science 05.13.16/ Supervisor: Doctor of Science, Professor Dr. Alexander Milnikov; Tbilisi - 2006-104p. Bibliografia: p99-104.UDC: 631.3.0025-52+004.896
Language:English; Georgian
Extent Format:104 გვ.


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