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UID: dlib-0002-000329 

Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flows in Two-Fluid Plasmas

Authors:Shatashvili, Nana
Subjects:Plasma Physics and Chemistry;
DDC Subject:Physics
Table Of Contents:Contents; Abstract ; 1. Structure creation and heat-transfer phenomena in two-species plasmas due to Magneto-Fluid Coupling ; 1.1 Background ; 1.2 The basic model: general equations for the interaction of 2-species plasmas with the arcade-like magnetic fields ; 1.3 Dynamical creation of hot quasi-equilibrium loops - Formation of a typical coronal structure ; 1.4 Typical coronal equilibria ; 1.5 Equilibrium structure creation in relativistically hot two-temperature e-p plasmas with small fraction of cold ions ; 2. Energy Transformation Mechanisms in the two-fluid plasmas associated with the Magnetofluid Coupling; Explosive and Eruptive Events ; 2.1 Background ; 2.2 Basic Model and Equations for Coupled vortex dynamics in two-fluid MHD ; 2.3 Equilibrium States in incompressible Hall MHD ; 2.4 Magnetofluid Coupling: Eruptive Events In the Solar Atmosphere ; 2.5 Generation of QSM fields in two-fluid plasmas embedded in super-strong EM fields ; 3. Acceleration of plasma flows and their escape due to Magneto-Fluid coupling ; 3.1 Background ; 3.2 Dynamical Acceleration of Plasma Flows interacting with arcade-like ambient magnetic fields – applications for the Solar Atmosphere ; 3.3 Equilibrium analysis for the Acceleration of Plasma Flows in the compressible two-fluid plasmas – magneto-fluid coupling ; 3.4 Acceleration of Plasma Flows Due to Reverse Dynamo Mechanism ; 3.5 Dynamical Creation of Channels for the Particle Escape in the Solar Atmosphere ; 3.6 1D analysis for Solar Wind origin ; 3.7 Conclusions for Structure Creation in Solar Atmosphere ; Basic Results ; Acknowledgements ; Bibliography .
Date of Issue:2005
Source:Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flows in Two-Fluid Plasmas / N. Shatashvili: Dis... the dokt. in physical and mathematical sciences 01.04.08 / Tb. Iv. Javax. State University., 2005- 257 p. Bibliogr: p. 232-257. UDC: 533.95
Extent Format:257 გვ.


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