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By Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

Basic Subjects
Social sciences. Statistics. Politics. Economics. Trade.Law. Government. Military affairs. Welfare. Insurance.Education. Folklore.  --  3*
Politics.  --  32*
Forms of political organization. States as political powers.  --  321*
Relations between church and state. Policy towardsreligion. Church policy.Incl. Exclusion of laity. Anticlericalism. Conflict ofcivil and ecclesiastical authority (Kulturkampf).Church as exercising state authority.  --  322*
Home affairs. Internal policy.  --  323*
Elections. Plebiscites. Referendums. Election campaigns.Electoral corruption, malpractice. Election results.  --  324*
Opening up of territories. Colonization.  --  325*
Slavery.  --  326*
International relations. World, global politics.International affairs. Foreign policy.  --  327*
Parliaments. Representation of the people. Governments.  --  328*
Political parties and movements.  --  329*
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