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By Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

Basic Subjects
Social sciences. Statistics. Politics. Economics. Trade.Law. Government. Military affairs. Welfare. Insurance.Education. Folklore.  --  3*
Ethnology. Ethnography. Customs. Manners. Traditions. Way of life. Folklore.  --  39*
Costume. Clothing. National dress. Fashion. Adornment.  --  391*
Customs, manners, usage in private life.  --  392*
Death. Treatment of corpses. Funerals. Death rites.  --  393*
Public life. Pageantry Social life. Life of the peopleIncl. Everyday life. Court life. Street life.  --  394*
Social ceremonial. Etiquette. Good manners. Social forms.Rank. Title.  --  395*
Feminism.  --  396*
Folklore in the strict sense.  --  398*
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