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By Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

Basic Subjects
The arts. Recreation. Entertainment. Sport.  --  7*
Plastic arts.  --  73*
Theory and philosophy of architecture. Principles of design, proportion, optical effect.  --  73.01*
Technique.  --  73.02*
Periods and phases of architecture. Schools, styles,Influences.  --  73.03*
Architectural details and finishes. Decoration. Ornament  --  73.04*
Parts, spaces and rooms planned for specific uses.  --  73.05*
Gliptics.Sigillography..  --  736*
Numismatics. Coins.Medals.Medallions.  --  737*
Ceramic arts.Pottery.  --  738*
Metal arts.Incl. Chased, cast, beaten, embossed, repouss', wroughtmetal objects  --  739*
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