Added: 2012-10-04 22:45:45

Ongoing Actions at the National Library


With the aim of enhancing literacy, promoting publishing business and better acquaintance with Publishing Houses and Dealers, the following actions are ongoing at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia:


1. Every 200th newly - registered reader of the National Library will be handed deposit voucher enabling to download e-Book of certain value from website


2. Every 500th newly - registered reader will receive a gift book from the book dealer or publisher, specially designed for this reason.


3. Painter and cartoonist, Zaal Sulakauri will draw a portrait of every 1000th newly – registered reader.


4. According to the contract, signed between the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and French Institute in Georgia, every 1000 th library card holder will be offered free General French Language Course (50 hours). 



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