Public Holidays in Georgia

January 1and 2-New Year Holidays;
January 7- Christmas, the date of the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Lord;
January 19-the Epiphany, the Baptism of Jesus Christ, Our Lord;March 3- Mother's Day;
March 8- International Women's Day;
April 9- Day of National Unity, the day when the Act of Restoration of Independence of Georgia was adopted; the day of national unity, civil concord, and commemoration of those who died for the national integrity of Georgia.  
Resurrection days of Jesus Christ, Our Lord - Good Friday, Great Saturday, Easter Sunday; the day after the Easter, Monday; the day of prayer for the deceased (transitional dates).May 9- Victory Day over Fascism;
May 12- Commemoration Day of St. Apostle Andrew, the Founder of the Georgian Apostolic Church;
May 26- Independence Day of Georgia;
August 28- the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary;
October 14 - 'Mtskhetoba' (Holiday of Svetitskhovloba, Robe of Christ);
November 23- St. George's Day

Organic Law of Georgia No 729 of 12 June 2013

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