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E-RESOURCES contain electronic-reference literature: catalogues, dictionaries, reference books - also electronic library/texts. 


By means of Electronic Catalogue "Rustaveli" users can search for items (by location, call number, availability etc.) and descriptions of the contents of articles from periodicals published in Georgia (see old catalogues). 

The Directory of Georgian Newspapers allows readers to search, not only by title, but also by publication date, place, editor, subject, publishing house and ISSN.

Foreign Newspapers- the directory allows readers to search the foreign newspaper not only by title, but also by publication date, place, editor, subject, publishing house and ISSN.

Georgian Literature in German - the bibliographic catalogue covers 750 translations and publications by 422 authors published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in between the years 1850-2018.

Digital Library and Collections:

Digital Library Iverieli offers the users digital versions of the books, journals, newspapers, sheet music, audio materials, photographs and copies of rare books (in different formats: Adobe PDF, JPEG, MPEG Audio) preserved at the National Parliamentary Library, as well as dissertations and theses. 

Merab Mamardashvili Digital Library contains digitalized works by famous authors of Georgian classical literature and full texts of the editions about civic education, economics, law etc. 

Electronic Archive of Georgian Press-contains full texts of articles published in Georgian newspapers. (Geo)

Encyclopedia and Dictionaries:

BublioWiki -wiki encyclopedia of the National Library covering scientific and popular science articles by Georgian and foreign authors. (Geo)

Digital Dictionaries directory is represented by electronic dictionaries of pseudonyms, foreign words and phrases, human rights, civic education, English-Georgian, Georgian synonyms, legal, library, art terminology etc. 

Dictionaries of the Institute of Linguistics - contains dictionaries published by Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics. 

School Dictionary is represented by dictionaries used in school curriculum.

School Literature compiles literary works included in school textbooks and dictionaries related directly or indirectly to school education. (Geo)

Bibliographical Dictionary of Georgian Historic Monuments enables users to search for the information about historic monuments in printed editions. (Geo)

Description of Photos from Kartvelological Books and Collections (public figures, architectural monuments, ethnographic samples, manuscripts, landscapes, maps etc.) (Geo)

Biographical Directories:

Biographical Dictionary -contains biographies of all prominent Georgians who are related to Georgia and have lived in Georgia or abroad. (Geo)

Index of the Society for Dissemination of Literacy among Georgians contains information about all members of the society. (Geo)

Georgians Abroad - biographies of prominent Georgians living abroad. (Geo)

Georgian Athletes - the biographical dictionary of Georgian athletes contains biographies of sportsmen who played an important role in the history of the development of sport in Georgia. (Geo)

Physicians of Georgia - the directory covers biographies of Georgian physicians from the beginning of the history of Georgian medicine to present. (Geo)

Georgian Winemakers - the directory represents a bibliographic database of people involved in the development of Georgian winemaking and viticulture. (Geo)

Biblioni the directory is a database containing information about the National Library employees involved in the library related activities and working at the library from 1846 to present (accessible via intranet). (Geo)


Chavchavadze Family the webpage covers the history of Chavchavadze family and Georgian cultural heritage. 

Dadiany Dynasty the webpage covers the history of Dadiany family and Georgian cultural heritage. 

Mobile Applications (Geo)


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