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"E-RESOURCES" contain electronic-reference literature: catalogues, dictionaries, reference books - also an electronic library/texts.

By means of Electronic Catalogues, it is possible to find out whether a publication is in the library and under what code it is stored.

The digital library gives the reader the opportunity to read complete texts of publications in electronic format, and consists of several projects:

The Greenstone Project of UNESCO - a digital collection of Georgian literature, including all famous authors' works of Georgian classical literature and the authors' short biographies. There are also complete texts on Civil Education.

  1. A Digital Collection of Dissertations - complete texts of the books and theses. There are also scanned versions of printed publications in PDF format.
  2. In the Electronic Archive of Printed Publications, are texts produced in electronic format: electronic books and articles from magazines and newspapers.
  3. Digital Library “Iverieli” offers the users digitalized copies of journals, newspapers, photos and rare editions from the collections of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

The Directory of Georgian Newspapers; allows readers to search, not only by title, but also by publication date, place, editor, subject, publishing house and ISSN.

The Directory of Georgian Authors contains biographies of modern Georgian authors and bibliographical descriptions of their publications.

Electronic Dictionaries on different subjects are on the site, including: encyclopedia of art, explanatory dictionary of foreign words, human rights - civil education - computer and library terminology, and a bibliographical dictionary of historic monuments of Georgia.

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