Modern Technologies in Libraries of Georgia
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Modern Technologies in Libraries of Georgia

Library Conference "Modern Technologies in Libraries of Georgia"

On 24-25 September, Library Conference "Modern Technologies in Libraries of Georgia" organized was held at the National Library.


The event was dedicated to the actual state of the libraries in Georgia and its development. Digitalization and cataloging of the collections (books, newspapers, dissertations, journals, scripts, photos, printed music and audio-visual materials) of Libraries, archives, Conservatory, Institute of Manuscripts; using internet resources together with the conventional ways of library book sorting will be discussed. The talk will concern modernization, computerization of libraries, installation of new software responsible for identification of Georgian fonts, creation of unified standard, compatible fonts for placing information in Georgian on websites, modernization of regional libraries and transformation of those into information, computerization and internet centers and inclusion of the handicapped, representatives of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and ethnical minorities, school children, students, probationers, ordinary citizens in this process.

Library professionals, handicapped people, representatives of ethnical minorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations  participated in the conference.



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