11 August – Giorgi Nikoladze was born
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He took part in the reconstruction of the Donetsk Metallurgical factories, together with M. Kurako and I. Bardin. In 1918, Nikoladze returned to Georgia. In 1929-30, under his leadership, the first experimental foundry stove was built that provided the basis for constructing Zestafoni Ferrous Alloys Factory.


Nikoladze also fruitfully worked in the field of algebraic geometry. He maintained the thesis based on his theory in Sorbonne, Paris. The work was published in Paris in 1928.  Nikoladze created the first Georgian manual Elements of Differential Geometry (1934). Nikoladze founded a Gymnastic Society in Donbass (1913) and the first Gymnastic Society in Tbilisi (1918). On 28 August, 1923, he organized the ascension of Mount Kazbek (Mkinvartsveri) that was the beginning of the alpinism in the USSR.


Nikoladze founded and also led the Section of Mountaineering and Travel at the Georgian Geographic Society. He published the first Georgian manuals in Gymnastics. The Georgian Academy of Sciences established the Nikoladze Prize (1973) for the best scientific work in the technical field. The Faculty of Geometry at Tbilisi State University was named after Nikoladze. His bust was erected in Building 2 of the same university. Giorgi Nikoladze died in 1931. He is buried in Didube Pantheon.

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