13 January – Alexandre Kipshidze (Proneli) was born
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Kipshidze worked at the Treasury Chamber, later, in the Office for Gubernatorial Affairs, in the Committee of Peasantry Affairs, as an arbitrator in Akhalkalaki, etc.


In 1905-07, during the revolution, he was appointed Kutaisi Vice-Governor with the support of the Georgian society. Soon, he was arrested as a politically unacceptable person. In 1906, he was Head of the Land Commission. He was deeply involved in the revitalization of the Georgian economy.


Kipshidze was one of the founders of newspaper Sakartvelo and a member of the Committee of the Society for Dissemination of Literacy among Georgians. Kipshidze’s main field of research was the history of Georgia (19th century). He also studied the Georgian national movement, the history of the struggle against colonial and feudal regimes. Kipshidze also worked as a translator.

Alexandre Kipshidze died in 1916. He is buried in Didube Pantheon. 

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