14 August – Julieta Vashakmadze was born
Added: 2012-12-24 10:52:13

Julieta Vashakmadze is the representative of the first generation of the Georgian TV presenters. On 30 December, 1956, the first Georgian TV broadcast was led by her. In 1968, she became a reporter of the same television. She led various kinds of programs (news, cultural programs etc.). 

Vashakmadze was cast in many Georgian films: Kvavili Tovlze (“A Flower on the Snow”), Tojinebi Itsinian (“The Dolls are Laughing”), Papa Gogia (“Grandfather Gogia”), Arachveulebrivi Gamopena (“Unusual Exhibition”), and the television film Mze Chikashi (“The Sun in a Glass”).

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