16 August – Giorgi I, king of Georgia, died
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Taking advantage of Emperor Basil II’s involvement in Bulgaria, Giorgi invaded the disputed area and defeated an imperial army in 1014-1018.However, once the Byzantine conquest of Bulgaria was complete in 1019, Basil prepared for the new campaign against Georgia. In 1021, the Byzantine army invaded in Georgia and defeated Georgian army for many times (Shirmini battle in 1021 and Georgian-Byzantine war during the 11th century). Giorgi moved to Trialeti, where he received help from his rescue army. The battles stopped during the winter and Giorgi began the peace negotiations, though waiting for the favorable moment to renew the war. Soon the rebellion against the Caesar Basil broke up. Giorgi used the moment and refused to conclude a truce with the Byzantium. The rebellion was defeated and Byzantine army invaded Georgia again. In 1021-1022, Basil II defeated Giorgi I and his allies and took control of Tao, Artaani and Javakheti. Georgia was forced to sign a peace agreement and surrender several important fortresses along the border. Giorgi’s son Bagrat was sent to Constantinople as an imperial hostage for three years. King Giorgi died while making preparations for new war at Trialeti on 16 August 1027 and was buried in Kutaisi. One of the lasting legacies of Giorgi’s reign was the construction of the magnificent Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta.

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