18 October - Eugene Kharadze was born
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Eugene Kharadze’s most works are dedicated to the construction of galaxy, spectral analyses of the changeable stars of different types etc. Kharadze was an author of many manuals on astronomy and astrophysics. 


Eugene Kharadze was a Doctor of Physical Mathematical Sciences (1948), Professor (1949), Vice-President (1972-77) and, later, President (1978-86) of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, academician of USSR Academy of Sciences (1984). In 1976-82, he became Vice-President of the International Union of Astronomy. He was a member of the editorial collegiums of many different publications as well as the member of the Council of Georgian Soviet Encyclopaedia and head of the committee of Astronomical Society since the foundation of the redaction.

Eugene Kharadze’s work was awarded with many prizes; among them were four Orders of Lenin received in different years, Order of Honour (1997) as well as Prize of Memed Abashidze (1997), Order of the Russian Society of Astronomy (1997, for the foundation of the School of Astronomical Sciences). 

In 2001, the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory was named after him. In 1982, Eugene Kharadze was awarded the title of Honoured Citizen of Tbilisi.

Eugene Kharadze died in 2001. He was buried in Didube Pantheon.  

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