19 August – Mikheil Mrevlishvili was born
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In 1930-1940, Mikheil Mrevlishvili worked in Moscow Construction Trust as an engineer; afterwards, he returned to Tbilisi and worked in the Georgian Soplproekti (countryside building company). During the Second World War, he served in a military hospital. In 1959-62, Mrevlishvili was chairman of the Theatrical Society. In 1962-69, he became editor-in-chief of the newspaper Literaturnaia Gruzia (“Literary Georgia”).  Mrevlishvili’s first novel Inon was published in the magazine Mnatobi, in 1926. He became very popular for his next novel Kharataant Kera (“Hearth of Kharatishvili Family”, 1947). Mrevlishvili’s works follow the classical Georgian traditions. Among them are short stories Tbilisuri Novelebi (“Tbilisi Stories”, 1960), novel Sabedistsero Mosakhvevi (“A Fatal Turn”, 1964), the latter concerning youth and moral issues. He was also an author of many plays. His works are translated into Russian, Ukrainian and English. Mikheil Mrevlishvili died on March 1, 1980. He is buried in the graveyard of Ikalto Monastery, according to his will

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