20 July - Sofrom Mgaloblishvili was born
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He began to write in his youth. His works were saturated with the patriotic and popular themes, which was the reason for his arrests in 1876 and 1878. Sofrom Mgaloblishvili worked at the newspaper Imedi (“Hope”), published by Georgian Khalkhosnebi (populists), also at the newspaper Chveni Droeba (“Our Times”). In 1913, he became editor-in-chief of the newspaper Temi (“Community”).  Sofrom Mgaloblishvili described the lives of poor workers and peasants.  The writer saw the illiteracy as the main reason for the peasants’ hard life. So, he tried to establish the centers of free education for peasants.

He is an author of memoirs and a novel Tsarsulidan (“From the Past”). He became especially famous for his children stories. His short stories were frequently published.


Sofrom Mgaloblishvili died on 30 November, 1925. He is buried in Tbilisi.


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