20 October - Alexander Amilakhvari was born
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While living in Russia, Amilakhvari wrote a political essay Georgian History, published in Saint Petersburg (1779). Amilakhvari tells his own history and describes the historical-political situation and governance system in Kartli in the second half of the 18th century. He also negatively estimates the governance of Erekle II. The work is especially interesting for describing the noble man’s point of view.

For the history of Georgian political thought, more appealing is Amilakhvari’s political treatise Wiseman of East. He was a proponent of decentralized statehood and wanted more freedom of choice for the noble governors.


In his work, he also talks of his ideas about the privileges of priests, peasants, etc. in the state. Amilakhvari was influenced by the ideas of French enlighteners, but they did not come to fruition. Amilakhvari also authored the dramatic scenes In Astrakhan in Russian.

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