23 July – David Kezeli was born
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In 1870-80’s, David Kezeli was involved in public activities and worked for the newspapers Droeba, Iveria, Shroma, Tsnobis Purtseli etc.  In 1905-07, during the revolutionary movement, he published articles on the peasant movement in Gori district. Kezeli’s work as a playwright is also worth mentioning; his plays were produced on the stages of Georgian theaters. Kezeli was the first to translate the poems of Vazha-Pshavela into Russian. He published them in the newspaper Novoe Obozrenie in 1886. He was actively struggling for the emancipation of the Georgian woman and has written many articles on the issue. He was writing under pseudonyms Zoili, David Soslani, Aragveli.

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