26 November – Marjory Wardrop was born
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She and her brother Oliver, who was a British scholar and Chief British Commissioner of Transcaucasia in 1919-1921, translated and published Shota Rustaveli’s Knight in Panther’s Skin that was a big step in the popularization of the Georgian history and literature among foreign writers and scientists. His brother Oliver Wardrop published the work after her death, in 1912. It was the first time that foreign readers got familiar with the great poem by Shota Rustaveli in English.


Marjory Wardrop was in Tbilisi twice. She traveled throughout Georgia in 1894-95 and 1896. She made friends with the Georgian public persons, among them with Ilia Chavchavadze. Afterwards, she gave an account of her impressions in her book Notes on Journey to Georgia.

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