29 July – Bidzina Kvernadze was born
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Bidzina Kvernadze’s distinguished works are Iko Mervesa Tselsa (opera, first performed in Tbilisi, 1983), Medea (opera, first performed in Kutaisi, 1993); Ballet Performances: Choreographic Novels (1963), Berikaoba (1973), Symphony (1963), Dance-Fantasy for Orchestra (1959), Old Georgian Inscriptions (for a soloist and orchestra,1978), Vocal-Symphonic Poem (based on poems by Ether Tataraidze, 1979), two piano concertos (1950, 1966) and a violin concerto (1957). Kvernadze is an author of many popular songs and melodies for more than 30 films (among them, for series Data Tutashkhia, with Jansug Kakhidze, 1978). He also authored melodies for the plays Chinchraka, Kvarkvare Tutaberi, Me Vkhedav Mzes, A Midsummer’s Night Dream etc. Bidzina Kvernadze was awarder with the title of Public Artist of Georgia (1979), Shota Rustaveli State Prize (1985), Zakaria Paliashvili Prize (1981) He became an Honoured Citizen of Tbilisi in 1996.

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