2 August – Revaz Tabukashvili was born
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He translated sonnets by W. Shakespeare into Georgian (100 sonnets were published in 1968, and, in 1979, the complete collection of the sonnets). On Tabukashvili’s initiative, many historic manuscripts, photos and other materials stored in different countries’ book depositories and archives were returned to Georgia, e.g., the photos of the Georgian artefacts in Turkey taken by V. Kikodze (700 photos), as well as the photos depicting the funeral of the great Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli, etc.

Tabukashvili produced the best Georgian documentary films on the cultural interaction between Georgia and other countries which are still very popular among the Georgian intellectuals. Tabukashvili became Meritorious Artist of the Georgian SSR (1967), and a laureate of Shota Rustaveli State Prize (1981).

Revaz Tabukashvili died in 1990. He is buried in Didube Pantheon.

One of the streets in Tbilisi is named after Revaz Tabukashvili.

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