30 July – Viktor Dolidze was born
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Viktor Dolidze returned to his homeland and, soon, created three operas, i.e.: Keto da Kote (1919), Leila (1922, both based on stories by A. Tsagareli), Tsisana (theme by S. Ertatsmindeli, 1929).

Dolidze also wrote a symphonic works and romances. He became very popular after the performance of Keto da Kote. It was first performed in 1919, the same year as two other notable operas – Tkmuleba Shota Rustavelze (“Legend on Shota Rustaveli”) by Dimitri Arakishvili and Abesalom da Eteri by Zakaria Paliashvili’s – were performed, too. It was a year the Georgian classical opera was founded.


Keto da Kote was performed on the stages throughout the USSR, as well as in the Chech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland. The opera’s success was determined by its comedic plot, easy, memorable melodies that highlighted the distinctive ‘Tbilisian’ mix of urban and folk music harmonies.In 1948, Vakhtang Tabliashvili produced a film Keto da Kote (1948) which became immensely popular among the Georgian public.


Viktor Dolidze is buried in Didube Pantheon. One of the Tbilisi’s streets is named after Viktor Dolidze.

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