30 November – Giorgi Nioradze was born
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In 1934, Giorgi Nioradze became head of the chair of Archeology at Tbilisi State University. In 1935, he was appointed Director of the Georgian Institute of Archeology. In 1933-43, he was leading the Department of Archeology in the Institute of Language, History, and Material Culture (Later, Institute of History).

Giorgi Nioradze’s archeological studies cover artifacts from the oldest history of Georgia to the feudal epoch. His ethnological-anthropological studies are dedicated to the life and customs of Georgian, Ossetian, Caucasian and Siberian peoples as well as to their religion, culture and history.  Nioradze studied the characteristics and ages of artificial hills in western Georgia, the characteristics, and relations of eastern Georgian bronze culture and Georgian-Middle East culture. He was leader of archeological research and study of artifacts in western and eastern Georgia. In 1927, under the leadership of Nioradze, the sepulcher of early Iron Age in Kvemo Avchala was dug out; in 1930, the artifact of Kura-Araxes culture in Didube was discovered.  

Giorgi Nioradze died in 1951.

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