3 Oktober – Zurab Kiknadze was born
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In 1992, he was a member of the State Council. In 1992-93, Kiknadze was executive chairman of the State Committee of the Human Rights. Since 1996, Zurab Kiknadze is chairman of the Advisors’ Council of the Georgian representatives of the United Biblical Society.

Kiknadze’s first translation Gilgamesh (with introduction, dictionary and commentaries) was published in 1963. His major field of interest is the literature, mythology and religion of Mediterranean countries; the Georgian literature, folklore and mythology as well as the Christian culture, translation and exegesis of Old and New Testaments; Kiknadze authored many books, essays and articles. Some notable works are Dream of Tamuzi (1969), Mythology of Mediterranean Countries (1976, second completed edition in 1979), Dictionary of the Mediterranean Mythology (1984), The Georgian Mythology (Volume I, 1996), etc.

Zurab Kiknadze, together with T. Chkenkeli was awarded Ivane Machabeli Prize for the translation of Odyssey by Homer into Georgian (1975).

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