8 August – Nikoloz Shengelaia was born
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Nikoloz Shengelaia’s films – such as Giuli (1927), Eliso (1928) – were a novelty in the Georgian cinema. Shengelaia was also a distinguished film editor. Of special interest are his films 26 Commissars (1933), Narinjis Veli (“The Valley of the Orange Trees”), Samshoblo (“Homeland”, 1939), Shav mtebshi (“In the Black Mountains”, 1941), etc. Shengelaia was an author of the scenarios for his films. On Nikoloz Shengelaia’s initiative, the Organizational Bureau of the Cinematographic Society was founded. He was awarded many State Prizes.

Nikoloz Shegelaia died in 1943. He is buried in the Didube Pantheon.

His monument is erected in the yard of the Kartuli Filmi film studio. One of Tbilisi’s streets is named after him.  

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