9 August – Ivane Gigineishvili was born
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In 1951-82, he was Executive Editor of the almanac Sakartvelos metsnierebata academiis moambe (“The Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences”) published by the Georgian Academy of Sciences; in 1973-82, a leader of the scientists’ group working on the Georgian Encyclopaedia  . He was Head of the Section of the Georgian Literary Language Standards at the Institute of Linguistics (Section of Proper Language Usage since1966).


Gigineishvili was a member and secretary of the Committee for the Standardization of the Georgian Literary Language. He studied the Georgian dialects; as a lexicologist, he published the dictionaries of the Georgian texts Rusudaniani (1957) and Davitiani (1955, 1980). Gigineishvili also published the Spelling Dictionary of the Georgian Language (edited by Varlam Topuria, 1968, 1998), etc. He was a co-author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Georgian Language (8 vv., 1950-64) and editor of its Volume 8. For this accomplishment, he and other co-authors of the Dictionary were awarded the Georgian State Prizes (1971). 

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