January 1 – The first issue of the literary magazine Tsiskari published
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The content of Tsiskari was compiled by nobleman Dimitri Kipiani, one of the founders of the Society for Dissemination of Literacy among Georgians. The publishing house was established at Aleksandre Orbeliani’s who also provided financial support to the editors.

Soon, Ivane Kereselidze was able to purchase the printing house from Giorgi Eristavi to print the popular magazine independently. Readers received the first issue of the renewed publication on January 1, 1857. In its first year, the magazine had up to 120 subscribers; the next year this number doubled. In 1859, Daniel Chonkadze’s well-known novel Suramis Tsikhe (“Surami Castle”) was published, what made Tsiskari one of the best-selling magazines of the time.

Tsiskari‘s publishing house collaborated with many celebrated Georgian writers: Lavrenti Ardaziani, Grigol Rcheulishvili, Ioseb Mamatsashvili, Aleksandre Savaneli, Ilia Chavchavadze, etc.

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