January 2 - Valerian Gaprindashvili was born
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Valerian Gaprindashvili’s first verses appeared in 1915. His first poems were influenced by French Symbolists. His first book Daisebi (“Sunsets”, 1919) is the best example of the Georgian symbolism. His heroes are Cagliostro, Hamlet and Ophelia… From the 1920s, under the pressure of the Soviet ideology, Valerian Gaprindashvili was forced to choose more ‘realistic’ (i.e., compliant to the Soviet standards) images for his creative expressions. He also authored a lot of articles on the creative works by various Georgian authors: Shota Rustaveli, David Guramishvili, Nikoloz Baratashvili etc.


Valerian Gaprindashvili is the first Georgian poet to have translated works by Eugene Pottier, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Viktor Hugo, Edgar Allan Poe, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Blok, Vladimir Mayakovski, and others.


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