Truce with the Ottoman Empire
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The Railways


Before the overall truce is concluded, Ottoman Empire will have a right to use strategic railways in order to move its army and equipment; the administration and board of railway belongs to the Georgian government.


The rules of the movement of the Army and its equipment will be considered and decided by a special joint committee;



Georgian Sovereignty


The Ottoman Empire acknowledges the Georgian sovereignty and gives the guarantee that the country shall not interfere in the Georgian internal affairs.


While informing the population, the Georgian Government suggests that they accept the fact calmly, and the Georgian citizens of Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki districts, now belonging to the Ottoman Empire, remain at their place and be sure that Georgia will take care of them. 


Tiflis, June 5, Andonsan.


A member of the armistice delegation, Gr. Rtskhiladse read the detailed information to the Georgian government and to the every fraction of the National Assembly.  

Today morning, on June 5, he returned to Batumi by train.


Tiflis, June of 5


The Ottoman Empire shall move the army of Ottomans from Ozurgeti district. According to the truce agreement between Georgia and the Ottoman Empire, two officers – a Georgian and an Ottoman – were sent from Batumi to Ozurgeti so that they would implement the aforementioned order. From Akhalkalaki district, which now belongs to the Ottoman Empire according to the agreement, the Georgian army will be taken out gradually.   


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