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National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

Address: 7, Gudiashvili Street, Tbilisi 0107, Georgia

Tel.: +995 (32) 297 16 61; 297 16 14
Fax: +995 (32) 297 16 15

The library is open every day from 09:30 to 20:00. The library is closed during official holidays.

Location of the Library Buildings:


Building I, address: 5, Gudiashvili Street
General Reading Hall,

Periodicals Reading Hall 

Rare Collections Reading Hall



 Building II, address: 5, Gudiashvili Street 

Archives of Printed and Electronic Resources published in Georgia

Micro-films & Technical Documents Reading Hall 

Centre for Inter-Library loans
Department of International ISBN, ISSN & ISMN Standards


 Building III, address: 7, Gudiashvili Street 

 Administration Offices
Kartvelology (Georgian Studies) Reading Hall
Wilhelm Humboldt Reading Hall
Oriental Studies Reading Hall
Anglo-American Literature Reading Hall
Reference-Bibliographical Reading Hall
Media Library of Georgian French Institute 
Department of Services for Electronic Resources
Children's Centre

Building IV, address: 11, Purtseladze Street

Registration Office

Department of Conservation and Restoration

IT Department



Building V, address: 63, Tsintsadze Street

Printed Music and Audio-Visual collections Reading Hall

Posters and Graphics Department

Cartography Department

Library Studies and Standards Department

Civil Education Department

Building VI, address: 7, Kaspi Street



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