Novelties for Book Lovers at the National Library
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Novelties for Book Lovers at the National Library. New Editions, Summer 2012.


National Parliamentary Library of Georgia starts putting information about new editions on its website. The project aims to create unified electronic catalogue of new publications on the basis of National library, the main book depository of Georgia. National library will gather exhaustive information about new editions in Georgia, which will provide library readers and book lovers easy access to favorable additions, on the one hand, and contribute to popularization of publishing in the centre or regions of Georgia, on the other.

Cooperation with all publishers in Georgia and popularization of their products via the National Library Website are envisaged by the project. Information about the new items will be put on our website in the first decade of every month. At the beginning of the project National Library invited for cooperation several Publishing houses, (Diogene, Nekeri, Palitra L, Siesta, Ustari) which welcomed the proposal and provide us with necessary information in a timely manner.


We ask Publishing Houses, especially from the regions or newly established ones, to contact us and provide their coordinates and information.


We wish our readers to have enough time and appropriate conditions to explore the world of books.

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