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Dear Readers,

From 10 December to 10 January, the newest resource of the famous Bloomsbury Publishing Bloomsbury Cultural History is available to the National Library users. 

Bloomsbury Cultural History is an unparalleled digital reference tool providing students and researchers with exclusive digital access to Bloomsbury's ground-breaking Cultural Histories series. Comprising curated and illustrated reference works alongside extensive eBook and image collections Bloomsbury Cultural History presents essential content within a single, fully cross-searchable platform. 

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The Cultural Histories Series offers an authoritative survey of a wide range of subjects throughout history. Each subject is looked at in Antiquity, the Medieval Age, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Empire and the Modern Age and thematic coverage is consistent across all periods so that users can either gain a broad overview of a period or follow a theme through the ages. Subjects will include: Animals, Business, Childhood and Family, Human Body and Identity, Dress and Fashion, Food, Furniture, Gardens, Law, Medicine, Money, Peace etc.

The pioneering work of social, cultural and feminist historians has opened the way for an understanding of the rich and varied lives of women across the social spectrum and across the centuries. Delve into how major advances in gender equality have contrasted with a relatively slow change of pace in lifestyles, and uncover women's experiences, roles and positions from antiquity to the twenty-first century.

Bloomsbury Collections  covers the latest literature for the researches working in the field of humanities and social science, as well as visual art.

Bloomsbury Publishing is considered the best, publishing over 1100 books, journals and digital services each year.

For more information ask at Marjory and Oliver Wardrops Anglo-American Reading Hall.




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