International Conference Community and Historic Environment
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International Conference Community and Historic Environment will be held at the Conference Hall of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on 20-22 September 2011, organized by Georgian National Committee of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS Georgia) and
Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.
The main topic of the conference is the role of the society and its involvement in the protection of cultural heritage. It aims to help the Georgian and foreign experts in cultural heritage to share experiences.
The conference will summarize Betlemi Quarter Revitalization Project, which is being implemented by Cultural Heritage Directorate of Norway, ICOMOS Georgian national Committee and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.
Betlemi is one of the oldest quarters of Old Tbilisi, where excellent samples of the Tbilisian residential houses, churches and a bell-tower are concentrated. Religious and residential structures are spread all over the Quarter with perfect moderation. The Quarter is organically harmonized with the mountainous setting. The Buildings are constructed on terraces supported by the masonry walls of diverse combinations of brick and stone. Terraces are connected with one another through the network of streets, lanes and street-stairs. Churches, a bell tower, ateshgah, monastery are distinguished within the architectural fabric of the Quarter by their scale and silhouette. Each structure reveals a complicated development and historical layers.
The 70 year-old Soviet stagnation, civil war in late 20th c. and following grim years, severe earthquake in 2002, long lack of maintenance and new construction activities undertaken with rough interventions in the historic urban fabric disfigured the city to a considerable extent. These factors have left their painful imprint on Betlemi too. 
Restoration projects were designed for 13 sites within the Betlemi quarter. Several of them are already implemented: Betlemi street-stair, ateshgah, façade of 16B Betlemi ascent, 3 Betlemi street, 5 Gomi street, etc. were renovated and rehabilitated.
Important aspect of the conference will be an overview of the major trends in the historic urban conservation, based on the analysis of the current developments in the field, presented by the international key speakers.
Exhibition related to the conference theme will be held at the exhibition Hall of the National Library in parallel to the conference.
Partners of the conference are: National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, British Council, Giorgi Chubinashvili National Center of Georgian Art History and Monuments Protection.  
Admission to the conference is free.        
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