Iota Reader Corner at the National Library
Added: 2012-04-23 13:45:00
Iota E-book Reader Corner opened at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on 23 April, the World Book and Copyright Day.
Up to one hundred digital editions of Georgian classical literature are available on Iota Readers at Civic Education Reading Hall. Iota reader is the first Georgian E-book reader with Georgian menu, text search and complete support of Georgian fonts. Literacy LTD provided the National Library with two Iota Readers, according to the bilateral contract. It is also decided that every two hundredth registered reader of the Library shall be presented with a depository card, by which books at equivalent prices can be downloaded. Other E-book readers – ipad, kindle, nook, etc. – will also be in use at Iota Reader Corner of the Library in the future.           


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