Poetry Day 2012
Added: 2012-05-03 19:57:00
An exhibition evening titled Georgian Literature on the Pages of Georgian Press will be held at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on 3 May 2012 at 18:00. 3 May is observed internationally as Press Freedom Day. 7 May was established as Poetry Day by the Order of Tsisperkantselebi (The Blue Horns). The event is an attempt to merge the two dates and to revive the tradition.
The exhibition will showcase occasional newspapers dedicated to authors and the press associated with Tsisperkantselebi. Poems by our contemporary poets will be read aloud in the evening. Visitors of the evening will have an opportunity to write their impressions and/or creations in the album Poetry 2012. We are requesting visitors to wear at least one small blue item of clothing for the evening as a mark of respect to the memory of Tsisperkantselebi.
Persons wishing to read poems may contact us via Email: ngedenidze@nplg.gov.ge    


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