History of Georgia through Election Poster
Added: 2012-09-13 15:15:18

An exhibition titled A Political Poster - The History of Elections in Georgia, dedicated to the 1 October Parliamentary elections, will open at the Exhibition Hall of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on 14 September 2012 at 17:00. The exhibition aims to remind the society of the electoral experience gained during elections in Georgia since 1990.


Political posters reflecting history of all elections in Georgia since 1990 will be displayed. Large collections of political posters stocked the funds of National Library during the years of independence. Experts opted to exhibit materials illustrating the electoral culture of the society undergoing transformation process and development of its main tendencies. The selected exhibits clearly represent specificity of electoral-political process and characteristic features of each election.


"The main concept of the exhibition is to represent to the society dynamics and peculiarities of the political process in Georgia before the coming 2012 parliamentary elections and remind that in a democratic society, the choice of every citizen at every stage of elections determines the future of each voter and the country in the broader sense”, Emzar Jgerenaia (one of the authors of the idea and organizer of the present exhibition).


Political neutrality is the principal component of exhibition conception implying that political posters of each party and entity, taking part in elections since 1989, will be displayed proportionally equally and impartially. No political party, despite its past and present position in society, will be given special priority or ignored. "Ensuring political neutrality and diversity” could be the key characteristic of the exhibition conception.


The event is organized by the National Library of Georgia with the support of Open Society – Georgia Foundation. The exhibition will last until 29 September 2012.


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