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About this collection

Georgian Literature digital collection includes UNESCO Project digital collection of the Georgian classical literature built in 2004 by the National Parliamentary Ilia Chavchavadze Library of Georgia (NPLG - together with Library Automation Association in Georgia using Greenstone Digital Library software thanks to the UNESCO Moscow Office contract ( The contract was initiated by Project Coordinator Ms. Tatyana Murovana, supported by Partnership Project Manager Ms. Tamara Nossenko and signed by Director of the UNESCO Moscow Office Mr. Philippe Queau and Mr. Teimuraz Chkhenkeli – Director of IT Department of the NPLG. In the framework of the contract Mr. Giorgi Varamishvili developed Georgian version of the Greenstone Digital Library Software (, reflected in ( and implemented software of optical character recognition (OCR) for Georgian letters produced by Mr. Zaza Injia (, this software and it’s author helped to digitize nine thousand printed pages using five scanners and 22 computers in three months. Metadata in the collection are in Georgian alphabet as against of the UNESCO Project, so in the Greenstone’s indexes the authors and the titles are sorted by Georgian alphabet. Chief of the Electronic Archives of Printed Publications Division of the NPLG Mr. Giorgi Apridonidze and specialists of the division continue to enlarge the Georgian Literature digital collection. Georgian Literature digital collection consists of works (expressions) from 20 volumes of “Chveni Saunje (Our Treasure)”, the additional volume of Mikheil Javakhishvili, and collected works of Giorgi Leonidze, Titsian Tabidze, Terenti Graneli, Lado Asatiani and soon will be expended by other works of Ilia Chavchavadze, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia and so on. The digital collection also includes dictionary of old Georgian words and biographies of authors together with their portraits.

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