A, a bon marche, a conto, a jour, a posteriori, A&P, AA, aar, ab origine, abandonment, abate, ability, abolish, abolition, aborigenes, abridge, abrogate, abrogation, absolve, abstinent, abundance, AC, acc, accept, acceptance, acceptant, acceptation, accepted, accepted, acceptive, acceptor, access, access control server, access trunk, accise, acclamation, accomodate, account, account managment, Account, The, accountant, accounting, accredit, accreditation, accredited, accretion, accrue, accumulation, accuracy, ackers, acme, acquest, acquiesce, acquirable, acquire, acquirement, acquisition, acquisitor, acquist, acquit, acquittal, acquittance, acre, acreage, acronym, across the board, act, action, action devices, action picture, actionnaire, active, activity, actual, ad, ad agency, Ad Alley, ad hoc, ad libitum, ad litteram, ad maker, ad makeup, ad valorem, adaptation, add, addendum, addict, addiction, addition, addressing company, adequate, adequation, adherence, adjacencies, adjuster, adjustment, admass, admin, administered vertical marketing system, administration, admission, adopt, adulterate, advance, advance advertisement, adventure, adversary advertising, advertise, advertised price, advertisement, advertisement file, advertiser, advertising, advertising leverage, advertising research foundation, advertising spiral, advertising theme, advertology, advice, aerogram, aerogramme, affairs (pl), affidavit, affiliate, affirmation, affreightment, afloat, afterhours, aftermarket, agate line, age, agency, agenda, agent, agglomeration, aggregation, agreement, aid, AIDA model, AIDMA model, AIDS, air cargo, air freight, air-able, air-bus, aircrew, airmail, ajour, aka, Al, al pari, alderman, aleatory, algorithm, alien, all data traffic, all-call frame, all-queued traffic, all-you-can-afford method, allocation, allonge, allophylian, allotment, allottee, allowance, allowed access, almoner, alpha factor, also-ran, alternate media, alternation, alternative, alternative media, AM, amalgamate, amalgamation, ambages pl., ambit, ambushing, amelioration, Amerasion, Amerenglish, amortization, amount, analysis, analyst, ancestor, anchor, and/or, AND/OR, Angels, annuity, annul, antedate, anticipate, anticipated fulfillment responce time, anticipatory groups, anticompetitive, antimessage, aotonoplex, apparel business


b-b advertising, B-B yellow pages, b-channel b, B., BA, Baby billboard, Baby-bust, Babyphone, Back, Back end, Back end performance, Back file, Back office, Back up, Back-breaker, Back-cast, Back-order, Backbone, Backdate, Backer, Background, Background data, Backing, Backlist, Backlog, Backwardation, Badness, BAED, Bag, Baggage, Bail, Bailiff, Baille, Bailor, Bait and switch, Bait and wait, Bal, Balance, Balanced, Balancing, Balking, Ball park, Balloon, Ballyhoo, Ban, Bancogiro, Bancor, Band, Bank, Bank draft, Bank-bill, Bank-book, Bank-cheque, Bank-court, Bank-credit, Bank-note, Bankable, Bankamericard, Banker, Banker’s bank, Banking, Bankroll, Bankrupt, Banner, Banyan network, Bar, Bar code, Bar-code label, Barclayscard, Bare, Bargain, Bargainer, Bargaining, Barred market, Barring, Barter, BAS, Basal, Base, Basic, Basic appeal, Basic buying motive, Basic cable, Basic selling idea, Basis, Basket, Bastard, Bat, Batch, Bazaar, BBC, BCD, BE, Beagle, Bean, Bear, Bearer, Bearer service, Bearing, Bearish, Beat, Beaty aids, Beaty products, Bedrock, Bee, Beewax, Behavio(u) ral, Behavior(u)r, Belg, Bell cow, Belt, Benefit, Benefit segmentation, Benevolence, Bequeath, Berry, Best, Best redundant path, Bet, Beta factor, Better, Better business bureau, Bi-weekly, Bias, Biased, Biased simulation, Bid, Bidder, Bidding, Biff, Big Blue, Big four, Big name brand, Big six, Big three, Big ticket item, Big-event marketing strategy, Bilateral, Bilateralism, Bilge, Bilk, Bill, Bill enclousure, Bill of exchange, Bill of lading, Billfold, Billing, Billion, Bimetallism, Bin, Binary, Bind(ing), Bingo card, Bio-ethics, Biodot, Bipartite, Bird, Birdability, Bit, Biz, Bizzy, Bk, Black, Black marketer, Black money, Black payment, Blading, Blank, Blanket, Blanket coverage, Blast, Blind, Blink, Block, Blocked terminal, Blocking, Blood sucker, Blow-in, Blowout, Blueprint, Blunder, Blunt, BO, Board, Boat, Boby, Body copy, Boffin, Boffo, Bogh, Bogus, Bogy, Bonanza, Bond, Bond-creditor, Bond-debt, Bonded, Bone, Bonification, Bonus


C and F, C,c, C.F.I., C/S, cab, cabal, cabbalistic, cabbie, cabby, cabletext, cache, cadaster, cadastre, cadastrel, cadet, cadetship, cadre, CAF, calculation, caliber, calibration, calk, call, call in, call report, call-back, call-out, callable, caller, calling sequence, Cam, Cambell’ c soup position, cambist, cambistry [cambism], cameralism, Can, canalize, cancel(lation), Cancelling, cannibalize, cant, canvasser, canvassing, cap, capability, capacity, capital, capital-intensive, capitalization, captive audience, car, carcard, card, card swipe, cardmember, care, carer, cargo, carload, carreer, carriage, carrier, carry, carry – back, carry-forvard, carry-over, cartable, cartage, cartalism, cartel, cartelization, case, cash, cash and carry warehouse, cash buyer, cash cow, cash discounty, cash refund, cash-out, cashbook, cashcard, cashier, cashing, cashkeeper, cashless, cass, cast, casual, catalog(ue), catalogue corners, catalogue retailing, catalogue showroom, cataloguer, catch, category, category business, cater, caterer, cats and dogs, cattle, cattleman, cause, cause-and-issue advertising, caution, cavest emptor, cawlly, CBD, CC, CD, cedet, ceiling, celibacy, celibatarian, cell, cellarman, censoring, census, cent, cental, center, Central European Time, centre, cereal, certain, certificate, certified, cess, cessation, cession, cessionary, Cet, Cf., cf., Cge, Cgo, ch., chain, chain-order margin, chainwide, chairman, challenge, chamber, chance, chandler, change, channel, channel of distribution, chaology, character, characteristic, charge, charge-off, charmaceuticals (pl), chart, Charter, charterage, chartered, charterer, chartist, chatline, chattel, cheap, cheat, check, check-out, check-up, checker, checking, checkoff, cheque, chief, Chief Executive Officer, chill, chips, chisel, chit, choice, chop, chronemics, chunking, churn, CI, CIF, cinch, cinch up, ciphertext, circle, circuit, circuit-breaking, circular, circulation, circulation area, circulation department, circumvent, CIS, cit, citation, citizen, Citizenship, City, civilian


D, D.A., DA, dago, daily, daintiness, dairayng, dairy, damage, damage network, damage-feasant, damper, darbs, dash, data, data archiver, data Call, data deliverer, data-in, data-out, databank, database, database manajement company, database passer, datagram, datalogger, datamation, datapath, dataphone, dataplotter, dataware, dataway, date, date of issue, date of payment, dating, day, day order, day parts, daywork, de facto, deactivation, dead load, deadbeat, deadhead, deadheading, deadline, deadlock, deadweight, deal, dealer, dealer”s brend, dealings, death, debacle, debase, debenture, debit, debt, debtee, debtor, debug, decartelization, decay, deceased, decelerate, deceptive differencial, decimal, decision maker, decision making, declaration, declarer, decline, decode, decoder, decoding, decomposition, deconfliction strategy, decontrol, decrease, decree, decumulation, ded, dedicated control channel, dedicated server, deduct, deductibility, deductible, deduction, deed, deed of gift, deep, deep bench, def, defacement, defalcation, default, defect, defer, deficient, deficit, deflate, deflation, deflator, deflection, deforce, defrayal, degradation, degree, degression, dehoarding, dekalogy, Dekort, delay, delegation of authority, delinquency, delivering agent, delivery, delivery confirmation, deliveryman, delphi technique, delta, demand, demarketing, demence, demerge, demerger, demi, demineralizer, demise, democrat, democratize, demoded, demoeconomy, demographer, demographics, demography, demomettrics, demonetization, demonstration, demotion, demount, demur, demurrable, demurrage, demy, denarius, denationalization, denaturalization, denial, denizen, denominate, denomination, denounce, density, dent, denunciation, deny, deodorant, deordination, depart, department, departure, depasturage, depend, dependence, dependent, depeople, deplane, depletion, deployment, deponens, deponere, deport, deposit, depositor, depot, depreciation, depression, deprofessionalization, depth, deputy, derange, derate, derationing, derby, derive, derived demand, derived services networks, descendant, descendible, descent, descertion, description, descriptor, design, designer, desk, despatch, destination


E&OE, E-and-M, E-mail, E-Z Image, E., E/Z, EA, eager, eagle, EAON, earcon, early fringe, early lead, early majority, earmark, earn, earner, earnest, earnings, ease, ebullience, EC, echelon, echo(ing), econometrics, economic geography, economic(al), economics, economist, economize, economizing, economy, ecostructure, ECU, Edge, edge enhancement, edge visibility, edit(ing), editor, editorial-advertising mix, education, educational toys, edulcorate, EEC, effect, effective, effective buying income, effectiveness, efficiency, efficient, Effie, Effluent, effort, eft/pos, EFTA, egalitarian, egg, elaboration, elasticity, electronic calendar, Electronic Data Interchange, electronic kiosk, electronic mail, electronic media, element, elephant, elevation, eligible, elimination, ELT, EM, embargo, embezzle(ment), emblement, embodiment, emergency, emission, empiricism, employ, employer, employment, emporium, empty, emptying, EMS, EMU, emulation, encash, encashment, encipher(ing), encourage(ment), encumber, encumbrance, end-aisle display, endcap, endless chain, endorse, endorsee, endorsement, endorser, endow, endowment, engagement, engineer, engineering, enhance(ment), ensurance, entail, enter, ENTER CHARACTER MODE, ENTER GRAPHIC MODE, enterprise, entitle, entity, entity initialization, entity specification, entrant, entrepreneurship, entropy rate, entrust, entry, entry form, enumeration, Enviro-Spray System, environment, equal, equalization, equation, equilibrium, equilizer, equip, equipment, equity, equivalence, equivalent, equivocality, equivocation, erase, erection, ergonometrics, ergonomics, ergonomy, erlang, error, error-free run, escalating refund offer, escheat, escrow, essentials, establish, established, established product, establishment, establishmentology, estate, estimate, estimator, estovers, etc, Eton, Euro-dollars, Eurobank, Eurocrat, Eurocurrency, Eurodollars, Euromoney, Euronews, Euroquits, evade, evaluation, evasion, even, event, event management, event marketing, event-driven updating, eviction, evidence, ex ante, ex officio, ex post, ex-all, ex-mill, ex-right, Ex., exact, exacting, examine, examiner, exceed, excess, excessive, exchange, exchange termination, Exchequer, Excisable, excise, exclusion, excutive gift, execution


F, f, f. a. o., f. a. q., f. w., f. y., F. Y., F.& d., f.co., F.D.O., F.I.F.O, f.o.b., F.O.T.,f.o.t., f.v., fabric, fabrication, fac., facility, facing, facsimile, fact, factor, factoring, factory, factual, factum, facture, faculty, fad, fail, fail-safe, failed attempt, failure, failure access, fair, Fair Trade Acts, fall, fallacy, fallout, false, family, family brand, family budget inquiry, famine, fancy, fancy fair, FAO, fare, farm, farmer, farmerette, farming, fashion, fashion forward, fashion magazine, fast-display mode, fat, fate signal, fault, fault inserter, favo(u)ritism, favor, fax, faxbox, fco., feasibility, featherbedding, feature, feature mention, feature node, feckless, fecund, fecundity, Fed, federal, fedingstuff, fee, feedback, feeder, feeding, feeler, feet pl., fetch(ing), fetishism, fever, feverish, few, few color picture, fiddler, fider-hubbed network, fiduciary, field, field procedure, fifty-fifty, fig, figure, file, filiation, filing, fill, fill area representation, filling, fillip, filmization, filtered image, fin, Fin,fin, finalize, finance, financial, financial futures, financing, fine, finger foods, finished art, fink, firm, firmness, firmware, first, first-class, first-come, first served, first-come, ladt served, first-come.first out, first-in, first out, first-in, last out, first-rate, fiscal, fish, fishmonger, fit(ing), fitness, fixity, flag, flagship, flash device events, flat, flaw, flexibility, flick(s), flight, flippy, flit, float, floatation, floater, floating, floor, floppy, florspace, flotation, flourish, flow, flow-in, flow-out, flowchart, flowcharter, fluctuation, flurry, flux, flyseeet, FO, fob, focus-group, focus-group interview, fold up, folder dummy, folding, foldout, follow-up, follow-up interview, follow-up program, follower, font, foodies, foods, foolproof, foot, footage, footing, forage, force, forecast, foreclose, foreign-made, foreman, foresight, forestall, forfeit, forfeiture, forge, forgeri, forgery, forgetful, forgetfulnes, forgetfulness, forgeting rate, forgive, form, formal company, format


g., G., g. m. q., g.g, g.g., G.N.P., GA., gab, gadget, gaffe, gage, gai-ge, gain, gainful, gainings, gainless, gal., gamble, gambler, game, gang, gap., garbage, garbled packet, garbology, garner, garnet, garnishee, gashion, gate, gated service, gatefold advertisement, gateway, gauge, gavel, gear, geedus, gelt, gem, gen, general advertiser, general audience, general mail-order firm, general-interest magazine, generate, generation, generative graphics, generator, generic product, generics, genuine, GEO, geonomics, gerontology, gestation, Getro, ghosts, gibberish, gift, gift division, gift item, giftware, gigabyte, gigacycle, gigaflops, gilt-edged, gilt-edged securities, gimme, gimmick, gip, girabile, girante, girata, giro, girobank, girocheque, give, give-and-take, giveaway, giver of bill, giver of option, glam, glance, glare, glitch, global marketing, global options menu, glock, glut, gm, GMT, gm² g/m², go, go-between, go-no-go, goal, goal-seaking, gobble, goldbrick, golds, gondola, good, good-for-anything, good-for-nothing, goodness, goods, goodwill, gooseneck, gouge, gough, Gov., gov., governing, governments, Gp., gp., grace, grade, grader, grading factor, graduation, grain, Grand, grant, grant-in-aid, grantee, grantor, graph, graph plotting, graph-oriented date model, graphic entity, graphic primitive table, Graphical Application Package, graphical-interface database, graphics, grassland, gratis, gratuitous, gravel, gravy, gray-level, gray-level picture, gray-scale, grazier, grazing, grease, Great Yellow Father, greenbucks, greengrocery, grey market, grid, grid display, grid lock, grift, GRL, grocery, grok, groping, gross, gross markup, ground, group, group polling, grow, growing, growth, grumpie, Guango, guar, guarantee, guarantor, guaranty, guardian, guess, guess-work, GUI, guidance, guide, guidelines, gulp, gum, gumption, gut, gutter-snipe, gynergy, gyp, gypo


H, H. O., Ha, haberdasher, haberdashery, habilitaion, habit, hack, hacker, hackish, haggle, half-blood, half-caste, half-pay, half-timer, halfpenny, hall test, hallage, hallmark, halve, hammer, hand, hand-to-mouth, handbill, handful, handicraft, handle, handling, handloading, handmade, hands-on, how-to seminar, hangover of orders, hard, hard goods, hard-sell advertising, harden, hardware, harvest, hash, hasten, HATCH, hatch style, haulage, haut ton, hawail, hawk, hawker, hay, hazard, hazard-free, head, head-on collision, heading, headquarters, heads-up, headway, heap, hearings, hearth, heaver, heavy, heavy buyer, heavy user, hedge, hedging, hedonism, heightism, helipad, heliport, hell, help, hereditament, heteroscedastic, heteroscedasticity, heuristics, hi-fi, hidden offer, hidden-surface algorithm, hierarchy, higgle, high, high fidelity, high-class, high-end, high-grade, high-performance, high-priced, high-production, high-profile company, high-quality, high-tech, high-yield, higher-risk customer, highway, hike, hippohaulage, hire, hire-purchase, hirer, hiring, historical data, hit, HIT RETURN, hit the market, hit-and-miss, hitch, Ho., ho., hoard, hoarding, hock, hog, hoggan, hold, holder, holding, HOLLOW, home, home economicus, home inventory, home-born, home-bound, home-comer, home-craft, home-folk, home-grown, home-improvement, homework, homeworker, homogenety, hono(u)r, hoodwink, hook-up, hooker-in, hoot, hop, horizontal, horizontal merger, horse, horsepower, hospitable, host, hostage, hostel, hosteler, hostelry, hot, hot button, house, house list, house magazine, house(the), household, householder, housekeeper, housekeeping, housewares, houseworkers, housing, hover, howler, HP, hub, hubristic, huckster, hue, human aided, human engineering, human window, human-operator, humanlike, humanware, humbung, humming, hummy, hunch, hundred-call-seconds, hunger, hunter, hurry-up, hurt, husbandman, husbandry, hush money, hydel, hyped-up, hyper, hyperdrive, hyperinflation, hypermarket, hypermedia, hypertext, hypothecate, hypothecation, hypothesis, hypothesize, hypothetical reference connection, hyther


I.,i, I.B., I.B.M., I.B.R.D., i.e., i.f., I/O, I/O fast release, Ib.,ibid, Iberian, Icand, Ice, Icon, Iconic representation, Idee fixe, Identical, Identification, Identifying feature, Identity, Identity crisis, Idle, Iffy, Ignore, IKBS, Ike, Illegitimate, Illicit, Illiquidity, Image, Image computer, Image marketing, Imagery, Imaging, Imbalance, IMF, Immigrant, Immobilize, Immunity, Impatience, Impeachment, Imperfection of market, Implement, Implicit, Import, Import merchant, Import quota, Important item, Importation, Importer, Imports, Imposition, Impost, Imprest, Improve, Imputation, Imputed, In business (in smth ), In-and-out, In-pack, In-shelf display, In-store display, In-store promotion, In., In:, Inaccuracy, Inactive, Inadequacy, Inadvertent access to data, Inaminate, Inapt, Incasso, Incentive, Inch, Incidence, Incident, Income, Income support, Incomeless, Incoming, Incompatible, Incomplete, Inconvertibility, Incorporate, Incorporated, Incorporation, Incorporator, Incoterms, Increase, Increment, Incur, Indebted, Indebtedness, Indemnify, Indemnity, Indent, Independence, Index, Indexation, Indexing, Indicate, Indication, Indicator, Indices pl., Indirect, Indirect headline, Indorse, Indorsement, induced, Inducement, Induction, Industrial, Industry, Inefficiency, Inequality, Inertia selling, Inexact, Inexpensive, Infallible, Infancy, Inferencing, Inferential, Inferior, Infinite, Infirmit, Inflate, Inflation, Inflator, Inflect, Influence, Influx, Infomercial, Informant, Informatics, Information, Informatization, Infrastructure, Infringement, Ingot, Inhabit, Inherent, Inhouse, Initial, Initial service level, Inject(ion), Injunction, Injure, Ink, Inland, Inn, Innovate, Innovation, Innovation bank, Innovative, Innovator, Inoperative, Inorb, Inordinate, Inpack event, Input, Input-output, Inputs, Inquiry, ins, Ins and outs, Inscriber, Inse, Insecurity, Insert, Inset, Insider, Insolvency, Insolvent, Inspection, Inspector, Instability, Installation, Installed base, Installment, Instance, Instant, Instantation, Instantiate, Institute, Institution, Institutional campaign, Institutional economics, Institutionalizm, Instruction, Instrument, Insufficient, Insulation, Insur, Insurable, Insurance, Insurant, Insure, Insurer, Intake, Intangible, Integer


J, J J., J.A.;J/A, J.S.B., J.t.,jt, Jaboney, Jack, Jack up, Jacket, Jaggies, Jake, Jam, Jamming, Jan, Jane, Jap, Jar, Jarring, Jawbone, Jazz, Jell, Jeppo, Jerry, Jerry-build, Jettison, Jigger, Jim, Jingle, Jism, Jitney, Jn.,Jnr., Job, Jobber, Jobbery, Jobbing, Jobholder, Jobless, Joblessness, Joe, John, Join, Joint, Joint account, Joint network team, Joint-stock banks, Joint-stock company, Jokey, Jokeying, Joss, Journal, Journalize, Journeman, Joystick, Judder, Judg(e)ment, Judge, Juice, Juke, Jumbo, Jump, Juncture, Junior, Juppy, Jurisdiction, Juror, Jury, Just, Justapose, Justice, Justifier, Justify, Justly


K, KA, Kaffirs, kale, Kameralism, kayo, keen, keep, keeper, keeping, kemp, keprom, kerb, key, key customer, key-driven, key-note, keyboard, keying, keyless, Keynesian Economics, Keynesianism, keystone, keystoning, keystream, keytalent, keyword, kickback, kidvid, kill, kin, kind, kink, Kite, kiting, kitty, knak, knavery, knit, knock, knock-off, knocked-down, knocked-down condition, knocker, knockoff, knot, know-how, knowledge, knowledge based maintenance, kraft, kt, kv, KV, KW, KW, KWh, kye


L, l.a., L.A.N., L.I.F.O., L.S., L.S.E., L.W., L/A, labe(l)ling, label, labo(u)r, laches, lack, lackluster, lading, Lady of the House, lag, laggard, lagging, laid-up, laissez faire, lamb, landholder, landing, landing ground, landlord, language, language-specific, lapse, laptop, larceny, larder, large, Large-scele consumer, Lari, Laser card, last-come, first served, last-in, first-out, Lat, Lat, latching, latchup, late majority, latency, lattice manager, launch, laundering, laundry, law, lawyer, lawyers, lax, lay, lay-by, lay-off, lay-up, laying-off, layout, lb, Ld, ldg, lds, lead, lead-in, lead-time, leader, leading-edge, leaflet, leakage, leasable, lease, leasehold, leaseholder, leasing, leave, leaving, ledger, left-head, leg, legacy, legal, legalization, legate, legatee, legator, legislation, legs [to have], lend, lend-lease, lender, lending, length, less, lessee, lesseeship, let, let out, letter, letter of credit, lettershop, lettuce, letup, level of business, level off, lever, levish, levy, lg, liability, liable, libe, liberalization, liberalize, library, license, licensee, licensing, licensor, lid, lien, lienor, life, life style, lifestyle segmentation, lifetime, lift, light, light buyer, light user, lighten(ing), LIGHTNET, likelihood, limit, limitable, limitary, limitation, Limited, Limited liability, limiting, limitless, limpet, limpid, linage, line, LINE, line exstender, line exstension, lineage, linear gravity field, lineup, linkage, linking, liquidation, liquidator, list, list broker, list company, list compiling form, list language, list rental, listenership, listing, listing feels, litigant, litigate, litigation, litigator, Little Sisters, Little American Method, live, livelihood, livery, livestock, living, living habit, LL, Lloyd’s, lo-fi, load, load up, loan, loan shark, loaning, local, Local Area Network, local processor, locate, location, lockout, loco, loco citato, lodge, lodgement, lodger, lodgment, log, log(-) out, logging, logic, logician, logo


M, M&A, m., M. P., m. p. h.; mph., M. R. P., M. T., M.I.S., M/V, mace, machinable, machine, machinery, machinist, macroeconomics, macrofunction, macromarketing, macromodeling, macropocessor, macroprototype, macrostatistics, macrosystem, made for, Madison Avenue, mag, magazine, magistrate, magnate, magnet, magoo, mail-order advertiser, mailgram, main-line, mainfarmer, mainstay, maintain, maintainability, maintenance, Maj., maj, major, make, make-up, maker, maker-or-buy decision, making, makpos, maladjustment, malfeasance, malfeasant, malfunction, malleability, malthusian, man, man-day, man-hour, man-minute, manage, managed data network, management information system(s), manager, manageress, managerial, managerial economics, managerialism, managerialist, managing, Managment, managment consulting, managment integration, managment process scool, managment trainee, mandaror, mandat, mandate, mandatory, manifold, manit, manner of living, manpower, manual, manufactory, manufacture, manufacturer, manufacturers brand, manufactures agent, manufacturing, map, mapping window, mar, margin, marginal, marginal buyer, marginal producer, marginal seller, marginalizm, mark, mark-on, markdown, markdown cancelation, markdown money, marker, marker-share leader, market, market analysis, market audit, market behaviour, market conjuncture, market decision, market development, market dominance, market exploration, market factor, market failure, market fit, market niche, market outline, market penetration, market presence, market price, market profile, market representative, market research, market segmentation, market share, market skimming, market strategy, market structure analysis, market-driven (marketing), market-grid approach, market-making, market-oriented production, market-taker, marketabibity, marketable, marketeer, marketer marketeer, marketing, marketing boards, marketing cost analysis, marketing functions, marketing information system, marketing intelligence, marketing management, marketing mix, marketing research, Marketing Science Institute, marketing tool, marketing-dominated strategy, marketing-services firm, marketingmanship, marketwide, marking, markup, mart, mashion, mass advertising, mass media, mass-market, mass-marketing, master, match, matching, material, math, mathematics, matrix, matter, mature, maturity, maverick, maxicomputer, maximand, maximax, maximin, maximization, maximize, maximum, MBA, MC, Mc Kittrick, me-too, mean, mean-square, meaning, means, measure, measurement, meatcutter, meathead, mechanica, mechanism, mechatronics, media, media buyer, media costs, media management, mediagenic, mediate, mediation, mediator


N, N. C. V., N. F. D., N. L., N. R., N. Y. C., N. Z., N.B., n.d., n.wt., N/E, N/F; N.F, NA N. A., nab, nacre, nadir, name, name slug, nano, nanotechnology, nap, napping, narrative, nascency, nation, national, national advertising, national brand, nationality, nationalize, nationally, native, natural, naturalization, nature, naught, navicert, NBC, NC, NE, near-money, necessaries of life, necessity, need, negative, negative option, negligible, negotiable, negotiant, negotiate, negotiation, negotiator, neirogenetics, nepotism, nested, net, Net Rating Point, net unduplicated audience, nets, nett, network, network mail, network television, neurocomputer, never-outs, New Product Watch, new collar worker, New Economics, new entrant, new fonded, newcomer, NFS, ng, niche, nickel, nickname, Nielsen Drug [Food] Index, Nielsen rating, nielsens, nifty, nightwork, nil, Nilky, nine, ninety-five, ninety–eight, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Nisei, nixie mail, nixies, No, no effects, no funds, no-op, no-tech product, nobby, nodal, node, nom, nomadism, nomenclature, nomics, nominal, nominalizm, nominee, nomogram, non-advertising marketing approaches, non-compliance, non-return - to - reference[zero], non-voice service, nonaceptance, nonapplicability, nonassessable, noncallable, nonce-word, noncliring, noncompetitive, noncontributory, nondeductible, nondelay service, nondelivery, nondelivery indication, nondisclosure, nondurable, nondutiable, nonessentials, nonexportable, nonintegrated network, noninterest, nonlabor, nonmanufacturing, nonmerchantable, nonnegotiable, nonoperating, nonoptimality, nonpayment, nonpreferential, nonproductive, nonprofit, nonprogrammable, nonproprietary, nonquota, nonrecompenisble, nonrecurrent, nonregular, nonreimbursable, nonremunerative, nonresponce, nonsequenced information, nonshared, nonsolvency, nonstandard, nonstick, nontax, nontaxable, nontheatrical distribution, nonzero, norm, normal, normal good, normalization, normative, nostro account, nota bene, notandum, notarial, notarize, notary, notation, notched, note, note-case, notebook, noteholder, notice, notifiable, notification, notify, notion, nought, novation, novel, novelty, NS, nt. wt., nth, nubile, nuf sed, nugget, nuisance, nuke, null, nullification, number, numbering, numeraire, numeration, numeric(al), numeric-alphabetic, numptiality


O & O station, O and M, O, a., O/a, O., O. P., O.O., O.R., O.S.-G.F., O/O, O/S, Oasty, Oath, Ob-gen, Obey, Obiter, Object, Objective, Obligation, Obligator, Oblige, Obligor, Obserables, Observation, Obsolescence, Obsolete, obtain, obverse, Occupant, Occupation, Occurrence, Octroi, Odd, Odd-pricing, Odservable outhine, OE, Off, Off limits, Off-board, Off-brand, Off-license, Off-line plotting, Off-load, Off-price retailers, Off-size, Off-spring, Off-the-shelf, off.OFF., Offender, Offense, Offer, Offeree, Offerer, Offering, offerta, Offgrade, Office, Office-to-office conferencing, Officer, Official, Offset, Offshore, Offtake, Oilmen, Oligarchy, Oligopoly, Oligopsone, Ombudsman, Omission, Omnibus, On order (of goods), On-air, On-at-a-time search, On-body signage, Once over, Oncost, One-call closers, One-one, One-price, One-step (marketing), One-time rate, Onerous, Onpack, Oodles, OPEC, Open rate, Open order, Open outcry, Open-contract-plus commission plan, Open-end contract, Open-to-buy, Opening, Operate, Operation, Operative, Operator, Operose, Opinion, Oportunity, Opozitive, Opp, Opposition, Opt, optation, Optimal, Optimization, Optimum, Option, Optional, Optionee, Oral contract, Orange goods, Order, Order cycle, Order of business, Order-getting cost, Ordered, Ordering, Ordinaries, Orgaman, Organic, Organization, Orient, Origin, Original, Original data, Originated point code, Originator, Ors., OS, OSCAR, Ostensible, OU, Ouf-of- home media, Ouf-of-date, Ounce, Oust, Out of order, Out of print, Out strip, Out –of-sequence, Out- of-use, Out-act, Outage, Outbalance, Outbargain, Outbid, Outcome, Outcry market, Outdated, Outdistance, Outdoor advertising, Outdoor appliance, Outdoor poster, Outer, Outfit, Outfitter, Outflow, Outgo, Outgoings, Outhaul, OUTIN, Outlaw, Outlay, Outlet, Outlier, Outline, Outlook, Outlying, Outmoded, Outnumber, Outperform, Outprduce, Output, Output routine, Outrage, Outright, Outry, Outsell, Outsider, Outsold, Outsourse, outstanding, Outtrade, Outturn output, Outvalue, Outvote, Outward, Outwardness, Outweigh, Outworker, Over, Over-the-counter, Overage, Overbalance, Overbid, Overbuy, Overcapacity, Overceredit, Overcertifikation, Overcertify


P&L, P, p., p. p., P. pro, P/A; P. A., P/C, P/E, pabulum, pace, pack, PACK DATA RECORD, package, packaged, packaged engineering, packaging, packer, packet, packing, packman, pact, pad, Page Maker, pager, paid, pair, PAL, palloka, panel, panelist, panic, panning, paper, par, paradigm, parameter, parcel, parent, parentage, pari passu, parity, parser, parsimony, part, participant, participating dealer, participation, particular, partition, partner, partnership, party, party plan, pas-as-you-go, pass, passable, passage, passbook, passenger, paste-up, pasted inset, pasture, pat, patch, patent, patentability, patentable, patentee, paternity, path, patrimony, patron, patronage, pattern, pauperization, pawn, pawnable, pawnbroker, pawnee, pawner, pawning, pay, pay cable, pay capacity, pay-box, payable, payback, payee, payer, paying, payload, paymaster, payment, payoff, payor, payout, payroll, payt, pc., pcs, pct, PE, peak, peasant, peasanty, peccadillo, pecuniary, pedigree, pedlar, pedlary, pedler, peg, pel, pelf, penalization, penalize, penalty, pence, penetrated people, penetration, penny, pensionary, penstion, pent-up, penurious, penury, penwoman, peon, people, people-in-law, peopling, pep, PEP, Pepsification, per capita, per cent, per diem, per mensem, per pro, percent, percentage, percental, percentile, perch, perfect, perforator, perform, performability, performance, performer, peril(ous), period, periodicity, periodogram, perishable, perks, permanent, permission, permit, perpetuity, perquisite, persist, person, personal, personal computer, personal identification number, personalia, personality, personification, personnel, perversion, peseta, peso, petitio, petition, petrodollar(s), peyer, PGCE, phagoheuristics, phantom, phase, phaseout, PhB, PhD, photophone, phylosophy of business, physiocracy, picking, pickup, pictogram, picture, piece, piece-goods pl., piecework, pieceworker, pig-pen, pigeon, piker, pile, pilot, PIN


Qc, Qeu(e)ing, Qiff, Qlty, Qr, Qt, Qua, Quad, quadruple, qualification, qualified, qualified acceptance, qualified buyer, qualify, qualitative, qualitative feature, quality, Qualmation, Quantable, Quantify, Quantile, Quantitative, Quantitative feature, Quantity, Quantity-buit, Quantize, Quart, Quarter, Quarter-day, Quarterage, Quarterly, Quartile, Quarto, Quash, Quasi, Quasi-equilibrium, Quasi-money, Quasi-ordering, Quasi-rendom, Quasi-stable, Quasi-unemployment, Quayage, Quazi-contractual, Queer, Quell, Quench, Query, Query handler, Quest, Question, Questionable, questionnaire, Queue, Queuee, Quick, Quid, Quid pro quo, Quids in, Quiet, Quinguennium, Quint, Quintal, Quintuplicate, Quire, Quit, Quits, Quittance, Quoad, Quorum, quota, Quotable, Quotation, Quote, Quotient, Quotum, Quqntum, Qvantification, Qy


R, r, R., r., R/I, rack, rack jobber, racket, racketeer, radio, rag, RAI, raid, RAIDUE, railage, railroad, rails, railway, raise, raising, RAIUNO, rally, RAM, ramidication, ramp, ramper, ranch, rancher, random, randomization, range, ranging, rank, ranking, rape, ratable, rate, rate card, rateable, rateably, rated, rated capacity, ratepayer, ratification, ratify, rating, ratio, ration, rationalize, rationing, raw, RC, re-join, re-present, re-search, reach, reacquisition, reaction, reactivation, read(ing), reader, readiness, readjustment, ready, ready cash, realizability, realization, reallocation, realm, realtor, realty, ream, reanimation, reaping, reappearance, reapportion, reappraisal, rearing, rearrange(ment), rebate, rebilling, rebound, rebuild, rebutment, recalculation, recall, recapitulation, recapture, recede, receipt, receivable, receivables pl., receive, received, receiver, recency, reception, recession, recipient, reciprocal, reckon, reckoning, reclaim, reclamation, recognition, recompense, reconcile, reconstruction, reconversion, reconvert, recorder, recording, recosign(ment), recourse, recover, recovery, recruitment, rectification, recto, recurrence, recycle, red, red label, red dog flour, red-cap, redcap, red-cent, redaction, redactor, redargue, redeem, redeemable, redeeming, redemand, redemption, redhibition, rediscount, redistribution, redraft, redraw, redress, reduce, redundancy, reek, reexport, refer, referee, reference, refinance, refinery, reflation, refloat, reflux, reform, refresh, refrigerate, refund, refund check, refunding, refundment, refusal, refuse, refusenik, refutation, refute, reg., regain, regard, regenerate, region, regional buying preference, register, registrar, registration, registry, reglement, regrade, regress, regression, regular, regularizing, regulate, regulation, regulator, rehabilitate, reimburse, reimport, reinstatement, reinsurance, reinsurer, reinvest, reissue, reject, rejection, relapse, relation, relational database, relationship, relationship marketing, relative, relax


S., S.A., s.a., sack, Sacrifice, SAEF, Safe, Safety, Safisfaction, Sag, Salability, Salable, Salami technigue, Salary, Saldo, Sale, Sales:, Salesgirl, Salesman, Salt, salvage, Salvagining, Salvo, same, Samely, Sameness, Sample, Sample program, Sampling, Sampling campaign, Samurai bonds, Sanction, Sanding, Sanyo, Sareowner, Saturation, Save, Saving, Savings account, Savvy, Saw, Scads, Scale, Scaling, Scalp, Scalper, Scamp, Scamper, Scan, Scanner, Scant, Scarcity, Scare (up), Scatter, Schedule, Scheduled, Scheduler, Scheduling, Scheme, School, Schooling, Scoop, Scope, Score, Scratch, Scratch- off-card, Screw, Scrip, Script, Scrivener, Scrutiny, Scuzzball, SEAC, Seal, Search, Seasonal, Seat, Sec, Seclude, Second, Secondary, Secretary, Secrtor, Section, Secular, Secure, Security, Seedsman, Seesow, Segment, Segmentation, Segregation, Seizing, Seizure attemept, Selection, Selection, Selector, Self- programming, Self-chegue, Self-contained, Self-control, Self-cost, Self-enumeration, Self-financing, Self-instruction, Self-learning, Self-loading, Self-reproduction, Self-verification, Sell, Sell-out, Seller, Selling, SELTEL inc., Semiannual, Semifinished, Semiproducts, Semiskilled, Senior, Seniority, Sensitiveness, Separation, Sequence, Serendipity, Serialization, Series, Servant, Service, Service manager, Serviceable, Set, Set –back, Set-aside, Set-up, Setller, Setting, Settle, Settling, Sexy, Shading, Shake, Shake-out, Shaky, Sham, share, Sharecrop, Sharecropper, Shareholder, Shareholding(s), Shareownership, Sharing, Shark, Shave, Shaver, Sheet, Shelf, Shelter, Shift, Shiftman, Shiftwork, Ship, Shipload, Shipment, Shipper, Shipping, Shirk, shoaler, Shock, Shoe-string, Shop, shopfolk, Shopgirl, Shopkeeper, Shopman, Shopping, Shoppy, Shopster, Shopwalker, Short, Short-range, Short-run, Shortage, Shortchange, Shorten, Shortfall, Shorts, Shortship, Show, Showing, Shrinkage, Shunting, Shutdown, Shuttle, Sib(ling)s, Side, Sideline, Sight, Sign, Sign-off, Sign-on


T, T/O, TA, Tab, TAB, Table, Tabloid insert, Taboo, Tabulation, Tack, Tactics, Tag, Tag line, Tail, Take, Take-out foods, Take-over, Takeover marketing, Taker, Taking, Tallage, Tally, Tallyman, Tandeming algorithm, Tangible, Tap, Tape, Tare, Target, Tariff, Task, Taskwork, Taste-test, Tasty, Tax, Tax-collector, Tax-dodger, Tax-write-off, Taxability, Taxable, Taxation, Taxeater, Taxer, Taxing, Taxless, Taxonomy, Team, Teamwork, Teaser, Teatre, Techmostructure, Technician, Technics, Technique, Technologist, Technology, Tedious, Teens, Teevee, TEFL, Teleautography, Teleautomatics, Telebook, Telecom(ms), Telecommunication, Telecommute, Teleconference, Telecontrol, Telecruiser, Teledish, Telefax, Teleinformatics, Telemail, Telemarketing, Telematic service, Telematics, Telemessageing, Teleprinter, Teleprompter, Teleservice, TELESHOPPING, Telesoftware, Teletex, Teletext, Telethon, Telewriting, Telex, Teller, Telly, Temporal, Tenancy, Tenant, Tend, Tendecy, Tender, Tenderer, Tenement, Tenner, Tenor, Tenure, Tenurial, Tepestry, Terabit, Terbling, Term, Term days, Terminable, Terminal, Termination, Terms pl., Territory, Test, Testament, Testate, Testatrix, Testing, TEXT, Text, Textfax, Textiles, Texture, Textureles, Theater, Theorem, Theoty, Thetri, Thick-fleshed, Thin cat, Thin market, Thin-flashed, Thing, Thoroughfere, Though, Three party service, Three-way communication, Threshold, Thrift, Thrive, Throughput, Throw, Tick, Tick-tack-toe, Tick-tock, Ticker, Ticket, Tickler, Ticky-tack, Ticky-tacky, Tide, Tie, Tie-in, Tier, Tight, Tightness, Till, Tiller, Time, Time buyer, Time proved, Time-dependent, Time-independent, Time-order, Time-taking, Timed, Timetable, Timework, Timing, Tin, Tinker, Tip, Tipster, Tithe, Title, Tobacconist, Tod, TOEFL, Toil, Token, Tolerance, Toll, Tombstone, Tommy, Ton, Tone, Tone-mile, Tonnage, tool, Tooth-and-nail, Top, Topper, Tory, Total, Totality, Totalize, Tote, Touch, Touch-and-go, Tour, Tournament, Tout


U, U., U.P.C., U.P.U., U.S., U.S.A., U.T., U.U.R., U/a, u.a., uberrima fides, UGB, uglification, uglify, UK, ullage, ultima, ultimate, ultimatism, ultimo, umpire, UN, unabrogated, unacceptable, unadjusted, unaffected, unallotted, unallowables, unalphabeted, unanticipated, unapplied, unappropriated, unascertained, unassessable, unassorted, unaudited, unauthorized, unavailability, unbalance, unbalanced, unbecoming, unbiased, unbounded queue, unbreakability, unbusinesslike, uncalled, uncapped, uncertain, uncertainty, uncertified, unchallengeable, unchangeable, uncharacteristic, uncharge, uncharted, unchecked, uncircumscribed, uncircumstantial, unclaimed, unclassical, unclassified, uncls, uncollected, unconfirmed, uncontroled, unconvertible, uncorporated, uncovered, uncrossed, uncustomed, undated, under-the-counter, underactivity, underbalance, underbid, undercapacity, undercapitalized, undercharge, underconsumption, undercount, undercut, undercutter, underenumeration, underestimate, underflow, undergrade, undergraduate, underimporting, underinsurance, underinvestment, underlease, underlessee, underletting, underloading, underlying, underpaid, underpay, underpin, underpricing, underproduce, underproductivity, underquote, underrate, underreport, underrun(ning), undersell, understanding, understock, undertaker, undertaking, undertenant, undertime, undertone, underutilization, undervaluation, underweight, underwork, underwrite, underwriter, underwriting, undevised, undigested, undischarged, undiscriminated, undistorted, undivided, undo, undocumented, undoubted, undue, unduplicated, undurable, unearned, uneconomic, unefficient, unemployed, unemployment, unencumbered, unendorsed, unendowed, unengaged, unentered, unequal, UNESCO, unessential, uneven, unexecuted, unfair, unfavorable, unfilled, unfinished, unfit, unfixed, unfluctuating, unfranchised, unfunded, ungraded, UNHCR, unicard, UNICEF, unific, unification, uniform, uniformity, unify, unilateral, unimpaired, unimpeached, unimportant, unimproved, uninsured, uninterrupted, uninvaded, uninvested, union, unionist, uniqeness, unique, unissued, unit, unit trust, unitary, unite, unitization, Universal Access Number, Universal Product Code, universe, univocacy, univocal, unlabelled, unlade, unlawful, unlike, unlikely, unlimited, unlink, unliquidated, unlit, unload, unlocking, unmake


v, V,v, v., V.A., V.C.R., V.D.T., V.F.M., V.I.P., V.P., V.T.R., vac., vacancy, vacant, vacate, vagrant, valid, validate, valorization, valuable, valuation, valuator, value, value added tax, valued, valuta, vamoose, vanish, varia, variability, variable, variance, variant, variate, variation, variety, variform, variorum, varnished car, varsity; ‘varsity, vary, varying, VAT, vault, VDU, vector, Veep, veer, vegetarian, vehicle, vein, velocity, velvet, vend, vendee, vender, vendible, vending, vending machine, vendor, vendue, vent, venture, venture team, venturer, venturous, venue, veracity, verbal, verbatim, verdict, verge, verifiable, verification, verify, verisimilar, versatility, version, verso, versus, vertex, vertical merger, vessel, vest, vet, veto, vetoist, vetted edition, vetting, vexatious, vexed, via, viability, vice, vice-agent, vice-chairman, vice-president, vid, video jockey, videograph, videolog, videomatics, videoswitch, videotape, videotex, vie, view, viewbox, Viewdata, viewer, viewing, viewing diary, viewpoint, viewport, viggerish, village, vine, vintage, vintager, vintner, violate, VIP pack, viral inflection, virement, virtual, virtual remake, virtualization, virtue, virulence, vis-a-vis, visa, visacard, vise, visible, vision, visitor, visor, visualization, vital, vitality, vitalization, viticulture, vivification, vocabulary, vocation, vocoder, voder, vogue, void, voidable, volatility, voltage, volume, voluminous, voluntary, voluntary chain, vostro account, votation, vote, voting, vouch, voucher, vouching, vow, voyager, voyageur, vs., vulgate, vulgus, vulnerability, Vuzak


W., w. b.; W. B.; W/b, W. E. T., W. E. U., W.C.; w/c, W.e.f/, w.g., w.o.c., W/M, w/o, WA, waffle, wage, wageworker, wait, waiter, waive, waiver, wake-up channel, walking advertisement, walkout, walkthrough, Wall Street, Wall Streeter, wallet, wallpaper, wane, wangle, want, want and, wantage, ward, wardship, ware(s), warehouse, warehouseman, warehousing, warfare, warm-house, warmer, warming-pan, warn, warped, warraneee, warrant, warrantable, warranter, warrantor, warranty, warranty-covered, wars, wastage, waste, wastebasket, wasteful, waster, wasting, water, water-front, watercourse, watercraft, watered, watering, watershed, watt, wattage, wave, wax, wax-chandler, waxed, way, waybill, wayleave, weak, weaken, wealth, wealtholder, wear, weather, Wechsel, wedding, wedlock, wee, weed, week, week-end, weigh, weight, weighted, welfare, well, well-being, well-established product, well-found, well-handled, well-kept, well-off, well-ordered, well-paid, well-placed, well-regulated, well-spent, well-timed, well-to-do, well-wedged, WELMM, welsh, welsher, west, wey, whacking, wharf, wharfage, wharfinger, wheel, wheeler-dealer, wherewithal, whip-round, whipsawed, whirlpool a, Whitehall, whizz, wholeness, wholesale, wholesaler, wholesaling, whs, widen(ing), widowerhood, widowhood, wifeless, wiggle, wild, wildcat, wildshot, win, wind, windfall, windmill, window, window manager, windowing, wink, winner, winning, wintering, wipe, WIPO, wire, wiretap, wise, wise-up, wit, with-pack-premium, withdaw, withdrawal, withhold, withstand, Wk, wk, wobble, wonder, woodshed, woopie, woprthiness, word, word-building, wording, wordy, work, work-to-rule, workability, workable, workday, worker, working, working-up, workman, workmanship, workpeople, workplace, workroom, works, workshop, workstation, workwoman, world-wide, worm, worn, worth, worthless, wow, WPI, wpm, wrap-up, wrapper, wrapping, wreck, wrinkle, writ, write


X, x-bracing, X. C. L., x.a., X.C., x.c., X.I., x.i., x.in, xanthous, XD, xd, x-d, x div, XENIX, xenophobe, xenophobia, xerocopy, xerograph, xerography, Xerox, Xerox Telecommunion Network, XOFF, XON, xw, Xx, XY, x’s pl.


Y, yah, yank, yankee, yard, yardage, yardman, yardstick, yaw, year, yearbook, yearly, yeepie, yellow pages, yellowback, yeoman, yield, yielding, YOB, YOD, yonks, Yr, Yrs, yummy, yuppie


Z,z., zaibatsu, zap, zapper, zeal, zed, zee, zenith, zero, zero –crosstalk connection, zero-defect, zillion, zip, zip code, zloty, zone, zoning, zonule, zool, zoom, zorch

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