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Canonical name, which he is known in society.
[Lastname, Firstname] as in Verne, Jules or Verne, J.
Exact legal form. [Lastname, Firstname] as in Verne, Jules. Integral part of name, including titles, epithets or indications office (prince, king, priest, etc.) separated by comma.

[+] Pen names, pseudonyms, aliases.
[Lastname, Firstname] as in Orwell, George.
Men  Women 

Birth and Death dates [Day][Month][Year].
Years: 1995, 175? (between 1750 and 1759), 15?? (16th Century)
Madeleine Cemetery, Amiens, France

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[+] [From Year]-[To Year] as Union of Writers (1990-2004). [Role] as (member, president, chairman)
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[+] [Award] [Category] [Year] as Pulitzer Prize (Fiction, 1991). [For Which Received] [Note] as Kukaracha (joint winner)
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[+] Bibliography.
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[+] Contact information.
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This information, we need only to contact with you if we have any questions or need to refine the data.