Biographical Directories:

  • Biographical Dictionary -contains biographies of all prominent Georgians who are related to Georgia and have lived in Georgia or abroad. (Geo)
  • Index of the Society for Dissemination of Literacy among Georgians contains information about all members of the society. (Geo)
  • Georgians Abroad - biographies of prominent Georgians living abroad. (Geo)
  • Georgian Athletes - the biographical dictionary of Georgian athletes contains biographies of sportsmen who played an important role in the history of the development of sport in Georgia. (Geo)
  • Physicians of Georgia - the directory covers biographies of Georgian physicians from the beginning of the history of Georgian medicine to present. (Geo)
  • Georgian Winemakers - the directory represents a bibliographic database of people involved in the development of Georgian winemaking and viticulture. (Geo)
  • Biblioni the directory is a database containing information about the National Library employees involved in the library related activities and working at the library from 1846 to present (accessible via intranet). (Geo)

Related Resources:

  • Chavchavadze Family the webpage covers the history of Chavchavadze family and Georgian cultural heritage. 
  • Dadiany Dynasty the webpage covers the history of Dadiany family and Georgian cultural heritage.