The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia is a main scientific library of Georgia preserving printed  editions published in Georgia and important scientific and universal publications and other documents of foreign countries.

The National Library's book collection consists of numerous ancient collections of private or state libraries of Georgia.

At present the library holds items:

Books:  3.807.025 items
Dissertations, abstracts:  46 486 items
Annual set of journals:  239.135 items
Annual set of newspapers:  62.729 items
Sheet music:  99.339 items
Cartographic editions:  18 854 items
Loose leaf editions:  199 612 items
Gramophone records:   24.749 items
Optical discs:   7.682 items
Video and audio, photo documents, microfilms: -  11 924 items
E-documents:  427 922 items 

The National Library holds main depository collection and specialized collection.  

The main depository collection includes:

  • Collection of books printed in Georgia
  • Archival collection of printed books in European languages (English, German, Russian, Italian,  Spanish, French)
  • Collection of abstracts printed in Georgia
  • General collection of Russian books
  • Collection of Azerbaijani books
  • Collection of Armenian books
  • Collection of printed books in Slavic languahes (excluding Russian)
  • Collection of graphic books

Specialized collection includes:

  • Archival collection of Georgian printed items
  • Kartvelology Collection
  • Music and audiovisual collection
  • Map collection
  • Collection of graphic books for children
  • Collection of rare books
  • Collection of Scientific Methodology Department
  • Collection of Reference and Bibliographical Division
  • Collection of microfiches and microfilms
  • Exchange collection
  • Reference collections:
    • Scientific Reading Hall
    • Reference collection of General Reading Hall
    • Reference collection of Sivic Education Hall
    • Reference collection of Periodicals Hall

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