Status of the Library


The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia is the main scientific library of Georgia, preserving printed  editions published in Georgia and important scientific and universal publications and other documents of foreign countries, as well as the cultural and methodological centre of national bibliography, information, scientific research and the coordinator of librarianship in the country together with the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia. The National Library is accountable to the Parliament of Georgia because of its exceptional national significance.


Full Name:
Ilia Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library of Georgia (NPLG)

5/7, Gudiashvili Street, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia, Caucasus
Tel.: +(995 32) 297 16 61; +(995 32) 297 16 02 
Fax: +(995 32) 297 16 15
Web page:
Head of the Library

General director Giorgi Kekelidze
Date of Foundation
he National Parliamentary Library comprises six buildings. The buildings I, II, III, IV are located in the center of Tbilisi at Lado Gudiashvili and Anton Purtseladze streets; Building V is at Nikea Street in Kutaisi; Building VI is at S. Tsintsadze Street in Tbilisi; Avlabari Illegal Printing House Museum situated at Kaspi Street in Tbilisi is also a part of the National Library.
Number of readers: 
Every yar over 10 000 new users apply for access to the National Library. 


Library Collections according to 2018 figures:
The number of records estimates 4 700 000, of which 3.780.000 items are in 99 foreign languages

Staff of the Library: 441