Location of the National Parliamentary Library Buildings

Address: 5/7 Gudiashvili Street, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia


Tel.: +(995 32) 297 16 02
Fax: +995 (32) 297 16 15

The library is open every day from 09:30 to 20:00. The library is closed on public holidays.

 The National Parliamentary Library Buildings I, II, III, IV are located in the center of Tbilisi, at Lado Gudiashvili and Anton Purtseladze streets, Building V is at  63 S. Tsintsadze Street (fromer Saburalo Street).


Building I, address: 5 Gudiashvili Street 

Rare Collections Reading Hall
- Henryk Hryniewski Art and Polish Literature Hall
- ISBN , ISSN and ISMN Division

 Note: due to reconstruction works the library Building I is temporarily unavailable to users.


Building II, address: 5 Gudiashvili Street 

- Reader Registration Office
- Merab Mamardashvili Civic Education Reading Hall
- Periodicals Reading Hall
- David Saradjishvili Hall
- Vakhtang VI Laboratory
- Reading Hall of the Soceity for Dissemination of Literacy among Georgians
- Deda Ena Hall
- Folklore Hall
- Chabua Amirejibi Cabinet
- Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Cabinet
- Vakhtang VI Laboratory
- Georgian Emigration Hall
- Cabinet of Persecuted Literature
- Interlibrary Loans Division
- Independence Hall


Building III, address: 7 Gudiashvili Street 

- Administration Offices
- Public Relations and Cultural Programs Division
- Reference-Bibliographical Division and Reading Hall
- Kartvelology Division and Reading Hall
- Oriental Studies Reading Hall
- Electronic Resources Division and Liberty Digital Hall
- Music and Audiovisual Collections Division and Reading Hall
- Anglo-American Literature Reading Hall
- Wilhelm Humboldt German Literature Reading Hall
- Media Library of Georgian French Institute 
- Stefano Paolini Italian Library
- Vine and Wine Library
- Children’s Centre
- Cinema Library
- M. Makashvili Garden 
- Exhibition Hall
- Conference Hall
- Auditorium


Building IV, address :11 Purtseladze Street

- Digital Library “Iverieli”
- Conservation and Restoration Division


Building V, Kutaisi Book Depository, address: Kutaisi, 10 Nikea Street

In spring 2014, the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia acquired a building in Nicaea Street, Kutaisi, which has since been used as an additional book depository.  


Building VI, address: 63 Tsintsadze Street (fromer Saburtalo Street)

- Akaki Bakradze Cabinet
- AgroLibrary
- Alexsandre Kartveli Cabinet
- Barbare Jorjadze Cabinet
- Guram Sharadze Memorial Cabinet
- Vato Rodonaia Cabinet
- Maksime Berdznishvili Cabinet
- Nodar Dumbadze Reading Hall
- Nikoloz Baratashvili Cabinet


Avlabari Illegal Printing House, address: 7 Kaspi Street

From 2012 Avlabari Illegal Printing House is the part of National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. In 1903, an underground print house was set up in the basement of a single-storey house in Kaspi Street.

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